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[WATCH] What’s In My Baggie? Takes an Honest Look at the Festival Drug Scene

May 3rd, 2015


As festival culture continues to balloon and expand into the mainstream, there remains one big topic that’s often skirted around: drug culture. It is a divisive and sometimes uncomfortable subject, with some believing that psychoactive chemicals enhance the experience while others claiming that their presence not only makes these events dangerous, but also pulls the focus away from the music. Most are in agreement on one thing however – that one of the biggest threats to the well-being of attendees is the increasing ubiquity of unknown analogues and research chemicals masquerading as popular party favors.
Gonzo-style documentary What’s In My Baggie? tackles this issue head on, informing its viewers of the dangers of unidentified substances through a mix of expert testimonials, personal anecdotes and the core of the feature, on the spot drug tests. Crew members traveled to a host of festivals, offering to run the crystals and powders attendees bought from on site dealers through a test kit to determine what they were about to put in their system. While a few people are happy to find they purchased, for instance, real MDMA, most discover that what they have is something more sinister. These scenes intercut with people describing friends debilitated or even killed by ingesting unknown substances makes for a sobering and informative feature with a strong message: safety comes first, even in hedonism.
While the documentary sometimes drifts into bias with some pushes for national drug policy reform, it smartly keeps the focus on individual harm reduction, providing viewers with the science behind the substances and plenty of tips on how to keep themselves and their friends safe at festivals. A few moments of preachiness aside, it makes for an enlightening watch no matter which side of the drug debate you fall on.





Written by contributor George Greenstreet. Find him on Twitter here.

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