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[WATCH] What’s Diss? Australian Street Artist Buff Diss Makes Designs That Stick

July 9th, 2015


buff diss working
How do we improve? How do we take the ordinary and make it unique? It doesn’t just happen, it requires inspiration.
Some of the greatest innovators in modern arts are the street artists around the world who, despite sanctions of legality, bring life to the mundane. We have seen its many popular forms; paint, mosaic, decal, and so on, but in all true art forms, there are no boundaries. While some artists are known by their tag, Buff Diss is known for his medium. What is his medium? Tape. Artists like Buff are pushing the game, rethinking writing by changing the pen.



The Aussie born artist, who jumpstarted his career in Berlin, is now getting looks from around the world. His amazing art has been endorsed by many taste making brands, from Red Bull to Red Stripe. And the best thing about tape is: it’s legal.


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