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[WATCH] Whateverest: No Bad Days; The “Inspiration” For Terje’s Inspector Norse

March 12th, 2016


Time to familiarize yourself with Norwegian DJ Todd Terje. Terje has risen to electronic European prominence since the early 2000s. His tracks bring a euphoric mix of 80’s synths and euro-disco to make listeners feel like they’ve been transported to a funk dance party and have earned Terje spots at Sonar, Pitchfork, and Coachella.
His most famous track, Inspector Norse, is a funky, minimalistic, disco jam with an interesting story; it’s music video features bits and pieces of the short biopic “Whateverest”, which focuses on Terje’s inspiration for the track – Marius Solem Johansen, aka “Inspector Norse”. As noted at the beginning of the film, Johansen’s instructional video on how to synthesize a homemade drug blend from cleaning chemicals dubbed “Inspector Norse Special” is what initially caught Terje’s attention.



Winner of AFI’s Special Jury award, “Whateverest” delves deeper into the personal life of Marius Johansen. Living at home with his father since high school, the film depicts Johansen’s failed dream to become a famous music producer. Johansen lines his room with pictures of Mount Everest which he says “serves as a symbol of a heap of things that never came to be” and appears to be happy existing outside of the social norms of his small conservative town. Armed with headphones everywhere he goes, Johansen grooves with a constant urge to dance no matter what the setting.
After a number of reputable online publications fell for the serious tone of “Whateverest”, the film’s director, Kristoffer Borgli, stated that the film is a mockumentary and not based in reality. While that does diminish the magnitude of emotion that Johansen evokes throughout the 15 minute run-time, the film manages to depict insight into the often crushing world of failed pursuits; the turbulence of unexpected, life changing events; the regret and angst that can develop as a result; and – perhaps most inspiring – the solace that can be found in letting everything go and dancing.


A hybrid child of the 203 & 860, Seth would save up any allowance money he had and raid the dance section of his local CD store for anything with a 4X4 beat. By high school, he organized his area’s first electronic event. While this proved to be a disaster, he wrote a killer college acceptance letter about it - thus a music journalist was born. Today he continues to document from behind the keyboard. When he’s not searching for the perfect emoji or making festival posters/totems, he enjoys long walks into parallel universes, pulling off shameless dance moves, and leading the fight against kids from CT who feel wearing cowboy hats is okay.

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