“Weird” Wednesday

May 10th, 2012


After spending far too much time browsing the internet, you end up coming across sounds you aren’t used to hear (or don’t listen to as often as you should) and strange videos. This very thing happened to me the other day and so I decided that I might as well share my awesome discoveries because, well, isn’t that the point? I hope you like this collection of unusual delights. The most unusual part of this post? Right as I was about to publish it, the power went out in my apartment for a full minute. Weird indeed!

This one makes me feel like the morning after a very hazy night, almost like my thoughts don’t match my energy. Also, this music video is art-school-student meets hipster-indie-kid to the max.

Metal meets electronic music. On the first listen, I hated it, but I keep coming back to it. Everything about this is intriguing and I can’t get enough.

This video for Purity Ring’s latest single is definitely out there. Way, way out there.

I intended to post the original track here, but this video was far too distracting. I’m not generally a huge fan of women jumping up and down in their underwear, but when it’s combined with science-like expanding droplets, I end up entranced. Who knew.

Pretty far out of my comfort zone, but fantastic all the same. The vocals are enough to keep me coming back, since I’m determined to figure out what they’re saying.

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