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[WATCH] Shawn Wasabi Gets [Sugar] High and Releases a Must Hear Mashup

June 18th, 2015


Shawn Wasabi is anything but your typical producer. Fueled by junk food inspiration, an array of lights and colors that would make a rainbow put on sunglasses, and a custom-built DJ Tech Tools Midi Fighter, this California native has been assembling some of the craziest and most diverse mash-ups to hit the internet.



After a 10 month hiatus, Shawn has released his largest production yet- a live mashup production named after his favorite Japanese soft drink, “Marble Soda”.  Performed on a personalized 64 button controller, the three-minute performance compiles over 150 tracks featuring samples from Porter Robinson, Jack Ü, Giraffage, Zhu, Big Sean, Kanye West, the iPhone, and Super Smash Brothers. The full sample list can be found below  and check out the full catalog of Shawn Wasabi’s productions here. You can also catch Shawn Wasabi at Slake in New York City on July 11th; more information below.





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