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[WATCH] ‘For Those Who See’ Creates a Visual Format for Sound

April 29th, 2014


‘For Those Who See’ is an art/design installation that takes sound and converts it into a visual medium. Created by German designer Daniel Schulze, the installation consists of a series of boxes, or chambers, that are filled with smoke. Speakers underneath the chambers emit sound waves that push the smoke upwards through an iris to puff out in vortex rings.



This project has been in the making for years, with Schulze’s earliest blog post from 2009 detailing things in this world that are “unseen” and “invisible.” Eventually, Schulze decided to focus on smoke rings and sound waves, and the project gained speed. From there, you can see his development of the chambers, his production of the deep bass waves needed to create the rings, and even his struggle with the size of the iris, the opening through which the rings flow. Eventually, Schulze was able to develop the proper chambers, experimenting first with a seven-box layout to create small designs, like hearts.
Now, Schulze’s ‘For Those Who See’ has become a chamber consisting of seven rows of that original seven-box layout, incorporating larger scale designs such as boxes, zigzag patterns, and more. As the rings float upward, they eventually dissolve, making the viewer piece together the pattern in a short amount of time.
While this project was finished in 2010, it is interesting to note that it isn’t as widespread as it should be. With festivals like Electric Daisy CarnivalCoachellaElectric Forest, and Wanderlust actively promoting their art installations, something like ‘For Those Who See’ would fit in perfectly. The speakers could utilize live music being performed on the main stage and incorporate designs into the already-established acts.
‘For Those Who See’ has made it big in the design world, winning the audience award at the Create10 Student Design Competition and being featured in the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival. Schulze is currently working on light sculptures, specifically a light ray study that focuses on patterns and designs created by light in space. Maybe he can place this installation side-by-side with ‘For Those Who See’ – or combine the two – for a light and smoke show that is controlled by sound waves.


Written by contributor Sarah Ribeiro. Find her on Twitter here.

With a love of dance music stemming from countless years of dance lessons and bass-thumping car rides with her music-obsessed father, Sarah Ribeiro is a Hartford-raised music addict who moved to Boston in the pursuit of a supportive and open nightlife scene. A passion for learning and a willingness to grow has pulled her out of her trancehead sphere and exposed her to a crazy variety of music and introduced her to some of the most amazing people (and events) Boston has to offer. A writer and social mediac, her main interests are music, literature, technology, art, and her first love: the city of Boston.

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