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[WATCH] J.viewz Shows Producers How To Score A $5 Drum Pad

May 14th, 2015


Fans of electronic music know that the genre certainly is constantly evolving and always reaching territories previously unthought of. Raving, clubbing, and dancing to your favorite house tracks at two in the morning with a group of newly-made friends is only a fraction of the excitement within the music; it seems that every week producers are surprising fans with totally awesome new sounds or art pieces. Considering almost a third of this year’s Ultra performances were live, instrumental dance performances are definitely becoming a popular alternative to DJ sets. Those of you who have seen some of these producers in action have an idea of the degree of difficulty and technicality within live dance performance. Developing a solid beat, synth progression, bass line, and other effects on the fly requires a great level of skill; creating a live performance out of vegetables takes an even greater level of mastery.



J.viewz is known for his avant garde, experimental beats. Nominated for a grammy in 2012, the DJ has received international recognition in respect to his innovative sounds. With his rendition of Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” the Brooklyn based producer has effectively reached an entire new territory of live electronic music performance. The artist was able to route synth and drum triggers using fruits and veggies as a sound medium. Surprisingly enough, not only do the vegetables work as an effective drum pad, they work well enough for j.viewz to use for live concert performance. With a solid grasp of the complexities within sound design and music technology j.viewz demonstrated his expertise, pushing the boundaries of contemporary music performance. Although cliché, it goes without saying that this video shows that anything is possible, especially within electronic music. For all of you aspiring producers: don’t worry about dropping a pretty penny on Maschine or Ableton Push,, cleary potatoes can be an equally effective drum pad.




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