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[WATCH] Chaim Machlev’s Stunning Tattoo Art Comes to Life in “Dots to Lines”

September 22nd, 2015


Tattooing has captivated communities the world over for thousands of years. The first documented tattoo was found on a Chinchorro mummy from 6000 BC. To some cultures like the Egyptians and Japanese, tattooing held great religious significance and represented a connection to spiritual ideals. Other cultures used tattooing as a way of signifying social caste, militia, and even criminal status. Once used as a rebellious tool of the counter-culture in Western society, tattooing is evolving into a form of modern artistic expression displayed permanently on the body.

chaim m dots to lines

As he was working in Israel as an IT manager, all this history or significance of tattooing did not have a huge impact in Chaim Machlev’s life. He didn’t take to art or drawing as a child, and besides, tattooing was not held in a positive light in Israel. It wasn’t until he got his first tattoo in 2012 that he became captivated by the craft and set his heart on learning to create his own tattoo designs.

dots to lines chaim m doc

Machlev’s tattoos are elegant and geometric, embracing abstract qualities and the natural curvature of the human body. His portfolio is overflowing with mandalas, flowing ribbons, sound waves, and reinterpretations of nature – with much of his designs spanning the entire body. For Machlev, tattooing is a spiritual experience. He prefers an intimate, one-on-one environment, where he and his client are free to discuss ideas and generate the piece together. Machlev never puts down sketches on paper in preparation for a session; those ideas could all change once he sees the person’s physical form.
chaim m dots to lines tattoo
The documentary Dots to Lines chronicles Machlev’s journey from dissatisfied IT professional to thriving artist leading a fulfilling spiritual life. It’s a story of tattooing, but his art form also serves as a vessel to deliver a greater message. Machlev took risks in his life. He left behind stability and certainty to chase his newly discovered passion.



“You just have to dream and fight for it. Actually, If you don’t fight for your own dreams, what will you fight for?” – Interview with Bangkok Tattoo Magazine, October 2014
Whether it’s the struggle of discovering one’s personal mission or finding the means to achieve success, Chaim’s message speaks to anyone caught in the midst of fighting for their dream.




Written by contributor Sylvia Parol. Find her on Twitter here.

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