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[WATCH] 3D-Printed Sculptures Create Otherworldly Illusions In Blooms

May 19th, 2015


Blooms is the new candidate for the coolest optical illusion our eyes have ever been perplexed by. John Edmark, a design teacher at Stanford University, created the magic by spinning a series of 3D-printed sculptures on a flat surface and capturing the motion with a high-speed camera. Sounds simple enough, but the resulting animation is dazzling; the sculptures appear to be rotating infinitely in place. Some pieces even look like they are melting through the table.



The spiral patterns of the sculptures are arranged using numbers found in the Fibonacci sequence, giving them what only appears to be an infinite path to travel on when spun. This illusion speaks volumes about the artistic possibilities in 3D printing. With the ability to print geometrically perfect shapes, the architecture of every object we know is bound to change. That thought may be a bit heavy to take in all at once, but videos like this serve as a beautiful indicator of the possibilities.



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