On Warmer Shores, Envision Festival 2015 Prepares To Go Deep

December 16th, 2014


envision festival 2015

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Powerful things are happening within the transformational festival universe. As they grow in popularity throughout the world, these gatherings act as conduits for positive change — both within festival-goers and in the world at large. Perspectives on existence and truth are shifting. Visionary artwork is serving as a catalyst for spiritual growth and as the inspiration for deeper self-expression. Sustainable living and permaculture farming techniques are being taught at free workshops, and participants are taking what they’ve learned back into their own communities. And, perhaps most importantly, souls are being cleansed on the dance floor.
And on the shores of Uvita in Costa Rica, where Puntarenas meets the Pacific, one of the most immersive transformational festivals out there is being readied for a fifth year. Envision Festival is a four-day experience from Feb. 26th to March 1st “that seeks to provide a platform for different cultures to inspire one another to co-create sustainable community and practice yoga, spirituality, art, music, dance performance, education and acknowledge our fundamental connection with nature.”

envision festival chill

An average day at Envision Festival might include a morning trek through the jungle to jump off a waterfall, an afternoon workshop on sustainable living practices, a sunset swim in the Pacific and a midnight Stickybuds drum and bass set under the stars. You might also find yourself doing yoga, watching Chris Dyer paint or curled up around a cup of something steaming in The Tea Lounge.

envision festival camping

The Untz’s Anand Harsh ventured to Envision Festival 2014 last February, and he was completely floored by what he experienced: “To call Envision Festival a ‘transformational event’ is to sell it short. Yes, it’s a collective of conscious artists gathering to share, learn, educate, and grow, but when you send some of the top live and electronic acts down to Central America with some of the most talented event organizers, artists, architects, and sound designers to build an ecologically sound wonderland from scratch on the southern Pacific edge of Costa Rica, the thing deserves a category by itself.”

envision festival structure

Musically, Envision’s 2015 lineup doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it achieves exactly the sonic themes you’d want at the edge of a jungle on the shores of the Pacific. There’s plenty of soulful musical depth and live instrumentation with the likes of Phaeleh, Emancipator and The Polish Ambassador; a dose of heavier dub with artists such as Dimond Saints and Stickybuds; and every other kind of electronic alchemy in between (See: Matt Haze).

envision festival stage lasers

Harsh certainly felt the full effect of the event’s signature mix of location, musical healing and personal transformation: “The celebration is peaceful, and thoughtful, and attuned to the greater ecological and fiscal and spiritual tolls that we pay. You start to think inward about your own struggles, and being able to bounce back in this joyous way, and your thoughts start to run away from you before you know it.”

envision festival night


Early Bird passes have sold out, but Tier 3 GA passes are still available for only $275 after fees. The Solo Bueno VIP Experience will set you back over $600, and includes access to a VIP lounge, a complimentary shuttle from the airport to the venue and a Community Carbon Trees donation in your name, among other goodies.


The Envision website has a comprehensive page on travel info, with important notes on what to pack, how to get there and where to camp. If you’re on the fence about attending, or are worried that this festival is too far out of your price range, think again – flights from the East Coast to Costa Rica are around $300 to $400 depending on travel dates. Considering the low-cost of travel and the paradise-like setting, attending Envision Festival is easily attainable for even the most cash-strapped music lover.


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The Polish Ambassador
Random Rab
Rachel Brathen
Cristi Cristensen
Kishan Shah
Esteben Salazar
Juan Pablo Barahona
Edgar Ortiz
Dimond Saints
Sticky Buds
Los Miseria Cumbia Band
Un Rojo
Santos Y Zurdo
Ayla Nereo
Living Light
Penny Lvingston

Daniel Pinchbeck
Charles Einstein
Rosemary Gladstone
Sarah Woo
Stephen Brooks
Project Nuevo Mundo
Mikey Lion
Tara Brooks
Matt Haze
Bartosz Brenes
Ivan Cespedes
Melissa O
Social Club
Mario Mirana
Chris Dyer
Carey Thompson
Mugwort Artemesia
Mark Henson
Hoodie & Tigre
Living Spaces


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Written by contributor Liam O’Kennedy. Find him on Twitter here. All photos c/o Envision Festival Facebook page.

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