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[WATCH] An Electric Forest 2013 Experience

December 5th, 2013


Electric Forest 2013

Next summer, MASS EDMC will return to the Double JJ Ranch for our third Electric Forest. While planning what can only be called an epic return, we realized that our experience last summer needed to be documented so that others could share in our nostalgia and 6 day adventure. Words and thoughts can only convey so much – we knew we had to create something as memorable as our visions instead of simply the stories and wild tales that had been told to all our friends; tales of what may be one of the greatest festivals in the land.
Our extremely talented and perceptive friend Aaron Fradkin spent a chunk of his weekend following us and other Foresters around filming the adventure; without his help and dedication to the camera, our fond memories would be nothing but wisps in the wind. Consider this our visual aid aimed at channeling the aura of the festival, if only for just a few fleeting moments.


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Aaron Fradkin for shooting and tirelessly editing this entire video.
Bamboora and Voltran for rocking the campsite with amazing music every single night until sunrise.
Helen Anda at LiveLoud for giving us the opportunity to cover the festival.
Madison HouseInsomniac, and everyone else that made those few days a reality.



Grifta – Risico
Pretty Lights – Let’s Get Busy


Read our Electric Forest 2013 review >> 



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