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TomorrowWorld 2013: Bus and Tickets

August 22nd, 2013


TomorrowWorld Bus

Due to a lack of demand for the bus, the TomorrowWorld MASS EDMC bus has been cancelled.

Need a ride to TomorrowWorld? We’ve organized a round-trip coach bus to TomorrowWorld that departs from Boston, MA on September 25th to Chattahoochee Hills, GA. Below you will find all the information you need to know and many convincing reasons why you should join us. A round trip seat on the bus costs $250 per person. The deadline to pay and reserve a spot on the bus is September 14th. We hope you can join us on this magical journey to TomorrowWorld!


BUY TICKETS HERE & EARN FREE $30 BOOZE COUPON: TomorrowWorld has given us a special ticket offer to our community. If you buy a ticket to TomorrowWorld through the link here – and enter the voucher code TW2013, you will receive a free $30 Booze coupon to buy yourself some drinks at the festival. Sweet deal 🙂



– Round Trip to and from TomorrowWorld

– Storage for your luggage and camping equipment

– Your own comfy coach bus seat with air conditioning, not to mention TV’s and movies the entire way up

– All Transportation Expenses Included (Gas, Tolls, etc. – it adds up!)



– Guarantee a safe, relaxing ride home after 3 long nights of raging.

– It’s a party bus. Great people, great music, great vibes. It’s also important to note that we will all be camping next to each other which always makes the optimal communal experience.

– Skip the airport: no worries about airport security, metal detectors and all that nonsense. Enjoy a scenic bus ride with all of your friends.

– Avoid 17 driving hours in a car (34 hours in total). Boston, MA to Chattahoochee Hills, GA (roundtrip) = 2000+ miles

– Avoid paying for multiple tanks of gas (avg. 4.5 tanks each way)

– Avoid extensive wear & tear on your car



DEPARTS: Boston, MA at 4PM on Wednesday, September 25th from TBA Location.

ARRIVES: TomorrowWorld / Chattahoochee Hills, GA at 10am on Friday, September 26th (We will be stopping at a Super Walmart in Georgia before entering the festival).

DEPARTS: TomorrowWorld on Monday, September 30th at Noon.

ARRIVES: Boston, MA at 6am on Tuesday, October 1st.



To purchase a bus ticket or ticket to TomorrowWorld please click here. Payment Deadline is September 14th. We will not accept payments after this date. If you would prefer not to buy online and pay in cash please contact us at info@massedmc.com!



By purchasing a ticket to the bus you acknowledge that MASS EDMC is not responsible for anything that may happen to the bus during travel. We have taken pre-cautionary measures to ensure that in the case of any bus malfunctions, another bus is on call to pick us up, at no extra cost to you.

If the bus does not reach a minimum of 50 tickets sold by September 14th, then all paid customers will be refunded in full. Help us fill the bus!

– We will be stopping at the Super Walmart in Georgia before heading into the festival.

– Pack a lunch, we will not be providing food for the bus ride. Waters will be provided.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us at info@massedmc.com



Electric Shepherdess was born out of my frustration with nightlife options and a constant desire to dance. After a few years of adoration from afar, I partnered with my long-time friends, MASS EDMC, to spread our message far and wide. When I'm not tending to my flock, I'm writing, dancing, editing, managing, reading or curating. I believe in fancy hats and enjoy glitter, disco and lazers, often for days.