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TomorrowWorld 2015 Bus: Tickets & Information

August 20th, 2015


TomorrowWorld Bus 2015

TomorrowWorld returns for its third year so you know what that means… pack your bags, we’re headed to Chattahoochee Hills! The bus will depart from Boston, MA and Cromwell, CT – if you’re from elsewhere and want the bus to stop near you, email us at info@massedmc.com and let us know. Everyone on the bus will have the opportunity to camp together, which makes for a fun experience both with familiar and unfamiliar faces.
Bus tickets start at $250 for a round-trip seat; ticket prices increase by $10 starting September 1st. The bus is a standard coach bus with a single bathroom. You’ll have a reclining seat, and room underneath and inside the bus for camping gear & luggage. That being said, please don’t go overboard with your luggage (1 canopy / EZ-Up per group) as your bus mates also need to transport their gear. Music will be played and watching a movie is an option – feel free to bring your favorite DVD.
Tickets are available for purchase at the bottom of this page. If you’re still not convinced or want more details, read below.


Chattahoochee – A TomorrowWorld Story

With TomorrowWorld on the horizon and our coach bus from the Northeast quickly filling up, we figured it’s the perfect time to release a little after-movie from our time at TW last year!See you in the Chattahoochee Hills…Video by Winterhalter.—-BUS INFO ► http://bit.ly/twbus2015LINEUP ► http://bit.ly/tmwrld2015

Posted by MASS EDMC on Tuesday, August 25, 2015






We strongly suggest arriving at least 30 mins before the departure time. PLEASE NOTE: arrival times are estimates, and the duration of the journey will include multiple rest stops.

BOSTON, MA: Wednesday, September 23rd at 5pm.

PICKUP: Kmart in Somerville – 77 Middlesex Ave, Somerville, MA 02145
*If facing the store entrance, meet on the left side of the building.
PARKING: There is no overnight parking at Kmart; please plan accordingly.

CROMWELL, CT: Wednesday, September 23rd at 7:45pm

PICKUP: Walmart – 161 Berlin Rd Cromwell, CT 06416
PARKING: There is free overnight parking at the Walmart.

All of the buses depart from TomorrowWorld on Monday, September 28th at 10am. Please have all of your camping gear and luggage packed and ready to go at the pick up location by 9:30 AM. It is a long walk from the bus / parking lot to the campground – it took many of us 45 minutes with our luggage last year so please account for this. If you are late, we may be forced to leave without you.



1) It’s going to be an amazing time! Sit back, relax, see the sights, and make some friends along the way. Then, we get to experience four nights of incredible music and art and party at our campground afterwords.

2) Avoid paying ~$300 for airplane travel. Remember, you would still have to pay for cabs, shuttles, baggage fees, and you wouldn’t be able to bring all your camping gear and fun accessories.

3) Avoid driving 46 hours (23 hours one way) and 2300 miles – let the TomorrowWorld Bus be your safe and smooth ride. Driving back from the TomorrowWorld after 4 nights of partying is no easy task!

4) Avoid wear & tear on your car and paying for gas.



Early Bird Bus Tickets: $250 + fees
General Admission Bus Tickets: $260 + fees

Ticket prices will increase in price periodically, so purchase a ticket sooner rather than later!

There are NO REFUNDS.


We are offering a payment plan for the TomorrowWorld Bus in which you can pay $130.00 in two installments to reserve a seat on one of the buses. To solidify your ticket with the Payment Plan you must purchase the “Payment Plan” ticket twice.

If you do not purchase the “Payment Plan” ticket a second time before September 10th, your seat will no longer be reserved and may be replaced by another person. Please be wary of this.



1) Pack a lunch and snacks for the long ride, we will not be providing any food, but will be stopping at rest stops along the way.

2) Sadly, the TomorrowWorld colored coach bus above is just a photoshop. We can all wish. Anyway, the bus will probably be white.

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By riding on these buses you are joining our family, our team, and our community for the weekend. We’re all here to have the best time possible and in order to achieve this goal, it’s imperative that each passenger is responsible and respectful. Please look out for each other. The following policies are in place to ensure we get to the festival as safely and timely as possible. Any passenger who does not adhere to any of the policies below may be removed from the bus at the Bus Captain’s discretion.


We will be crossing state borders and stopping at rest stops where laws may be strict, not to mention potentially encountering law enforcement throughout our trip. This means absolutely no alcoholic beverages, illicit substances, or questionable behavior outside the bus throughout the trip. If we see you visibly participating in any questionable behavior, we will not hesitate to remove you from the bus. Keep it tight!


Please be mindful of your behavior when we are at rest-stops, Walmart, or public settings of any sort while on the bus trip. Your actions reflect on our trip and community as a whole.


There are 50 others on the bus besides yourself, and we’re all trying to get to the destination. At rest stops, you must be mindful and return to the bus by the time set designated by the Bus Captain. Those who dawdle will delay the arrival time for all passengers – please aim to avoid holding up the bus.


Though you may not know everyone on the bus and though it can sometimes be extremely difficult to control your emotions/fists/words while contained within a small space for an extended period of time, we ask that you are respectful at all times.



By purchasing a ticket for the bus you acknowledge the following:

1) MASS EDMC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items aboard the vehicle or throughout the duration of the trip.

2) I am financially liable for taking care of the bus as well as any damages I incur to the bus.

3) MASS EDMC is not responsible for anything that may happen to the bus during travel. We’ve taken precautionary measures to ensure that in case of any bus malfunctions, a timely solution will be provided at no extra cost to you.

4) There are no refunds on your purchase.




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