[INTERVIEW] Move Over Mafia, The Glitch Mob Has Risen To Take Over

November 20th, 2015


The Glitch Mob
As the name implies, electronic group The Glitch Mob has torn through the boundaries that have separated the worlds of DJ booth driven EDM and more traditional live instrument performance to amass one of the fastest growing fan bases in today’s music scene. Sourced out of Los Angeles, DJs edIT (Edward Ma), Boreta (Justin Boreta) and Ooah (Josh Mayer) have risen beyond the West Coast beat scene to gain international notoriety along some of the biggest names in music including nods from Skrillex, Boys Noize, and Bassnectar. I got the chance chance to sit down with the guys before their Sunday set at New York’s Electric Zoo, described by Rolling Stone as the “best sensory overload” set of the weekend.



MASS EDMC: You guys have one of the most unique sounds and styles in music today. You’ve self described your style as “adventure electronic music”. Is there a specific source of sound or anything inspires you from your past? What’s the thought process when you’re producing a track?

GLITCH MOB: Good question. I’d say we try to fuse a very organic sound with a hyper futuristic thing. I think that’s kind of what we do subconsciously not like intentionally. It’s what we tend to do comfortably – fusing organic instrument sound and live percussion elements with psycho bass sounds and things that we’ve created over the years. But really, it’s just whatever sounds are going to help propel the energy of the music and what the song needs to say.

You’ve described your music has having a message/a story to tell. Two albums ago [Drink The Sea] seemed to be more of a personal message, or as you’ve stated “headphone style of sound”. Care to speak on this?

Yeah Drink the Sea, was definitely more of an introverted introspective type of record, and LDI was more extroverted in a bigger, more of stadium epic record.

Do you feel this is a direction you guys are headed towards? As you continue to book larger shows and your name gets out there, do you keep going epic?

I wouldn’t say that’s kind of where we’re heading, or like that’s what’s going to keep happening. It’s just what we did this time. We don’t know what’s going to happen next, we never really know. You got to keep it fresh. For us, the musical creative process, whether it’s styles of music is not something that comes from intellect.

 The Glitch Mob 2

“It’s really when we sit down to make music what comes out just kind of comes out. We don’t sit down and decide as far as what something is going to be like. For us, it has for to do with the feeling of the song, message of the song, and emotion rather than musical style.”

For us, that’s secondary whether it be jazz, rock, IDM influenced, or whatever. The musical genres are more of just channels for us to say what its is we’re trying to say. A lot of that comes from this close relationship we have with our fans over the years. That’s gotten closer and the fan base has gotten bigger over time. We meet people at every show, we have this group called THE MOB that’s the really hardcore fans and we have a very close relationship with them and all their stories mean the world to us. We take that mixed with our own life experience and that’s what comes out.

Is it like one of you comes with an idea and everyone jumps on board or is it more of a synergy?

It’s hard because words are not good to describe how music happens. Music is much more articulate, high definition way of expressing emotion. So for us, we try not to talk about it too much. Our song titles are a little left nebulous and left up to the imagination.

“Something takes over when you write music and it’s really hard to explain. It’s more like the music is speaking through you, rather than you steering and crafting a sculpture. Something takes over and happens. There’s some magic to it.”

 The Glitch Mob Drums

More artists are moving towards live performance. You guys have one of the most unique set-ups in this realm. Other artists, such as Pretty Lights and GRiZ, go as far to incorporate live instruments into their sets. The Blade is already so badass to watch you perform on – we can see everything you’re doing and it really makes fans feel as they’re part of the show. Do you ever see incorporating something similar into your present set?

Actually, when we dropped “Drink the Sea” we used to play guitar, bass, and all that stuff. I don’t know, it’s tough to say- like we said we don’t know what the future holds. Maybe we’ll go back to that. Right now at this point in time it doesn’t really feel like that’s going to happen, but you never know. It’s funny; we get a lot of questions about what’s going to happen and what we’re going to do next. Every artist is different, but for us it’s such an in the moment process. We really don’t plan a whole lot of it out. We’d never say “We need to bring in a saxophonist, let’s figure out how to make it work”. If we end up writing a track with a saxophone we’re going to go sit in the studio and if it happens then, then it happens. But the creative process comes first. We’ll see what happens, we have very open minds.

Is it safe to say Glitch Mob is a CDJ free zone?

[Laughter] Honestly we really don’t know. Actually Josh got his start as a turntablist. We have the CDJ turntable that at one point he was scratching with and we used to have one in the production way back. I think it’s pretty safe to say that we will do our best to keep performing the music in the craziest way possible. So maybe CDJ will release a Pioneer Blade, who knows?

 The Glitch Mob Moonrise
Obviously a live production takes way more concentration and precision than just pressing a button on a pre-recorded set, has there ever been a wild moment or something you’ve seen while playing that’s thrown you off?

There’s been some crazy things. One time we were playing a show in Toronto and some guy jumped up on stage in the middle, fell face first, and smashed his forehead on Josh’s drums. He got up and started bleeding everywhere all over his face and it looked like a horror movie. We just get so in our zone shit will happen in the audience and we don’t really know because we’re just up there playing music. There’s a lot going on so you have to stay focused the whole time.

You guys just got off playing Red Rocks for HARD Summer. It looked like an awesome show and a perfect venue for you guys. Is there one venue that you’re dying to return to or have set as a goal to play?

Not really, we don’t really think of it like that. We’re just grateful as it comes along. We’re open and we’re down for whatever. We don’t really see it as “ Yo we have to fucking play this thing and that, then we made it”, for us we’re just along for the ride. There’s really no destination.

Grab The Gitch Mob’s latest EP Piece of the Indestructible as well as their other albums on iTunes here.



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