The Big Up 2013: Schedule & Sneak Peak

July 30th, 2013


The Big Up 2013 Schedule

Upstronauts rejoice – at long last, The Big Up schedule is finally here! All three days are jam packed with incredible music that runs from the early afternoon until dawn the following day. Thriftworks and Orchand Lounge are both playing sunrise sets, experimental electronica wunderkin Eskmo will be playing the transitional late night spot immediately following headliner Beats Antique. We can expect a special Kung Fu Prince Tribute, and of course evening spots by festival vets Higher Organix and Dopapod. But music isn’t the only thing you can do; there’s an absurd amount of amazing activities specifically designed to cater towards your ideal festival experience. If you’re the type of festival attendee who prefers to stay out of the pit of sweaty, dancing bodies but also appreciates a decent view, check out the ‘Rage on the Main Stage’ ticket add-on. Much like the name implies, this add-on gives each pass buyer two spots in a prime viewing-slash-dancing area on the stage. Also, do not forget about the themes for Friday and Saturday, as you’ll want to start prepping now. Friday night’s theme is ‘Night At The Zoo’ and Saturday night’s is ‘Star Wars vs Star Trek vs Space Balls,’ so break out your princess Leia and zebra costumes because this weekend is going to be quite the fete.

Big Up Workshops

The number of things you can do besides listening to music is immense. There’s The Big Up’s version of Surviver, where attendees have the opportunity to win tickets to next year’s fest by competing in a series of challenges; a workshop with Nerve’s John Davis and Jojo Meyer based on engineering electronic music for the live performance; a workshop focused on making your own mandala; Pretty Girl Productions’ Cosmic eDen Dome, the location of even more activites and workshops; daily morning and evening yoga with Sheauwei Pidd; guided relaxation and meditation seminars hosted by Sheauwei Pidd; hooping workshops with Sheauwei Pidd and Lauren Sullivan; a farmers market; and karaoke with Mun. If there isn’t anything in that list that you find interesting, then you should probably read it again. Not only will your inner music nerd be satisfied, but so will your inner hippie and artist – all in all, The Big Up truly lives up to the title of music & arts festival.
There’s even a wealth of practical and luxury pluses offered by The Big Up this year as well. First off, attendees can rent their own portopottie for $350; the cost includes 5 keys for easy sharing among friends and is definitely a good investment considering the general state of festival facilities in general. Another luxury attendees can opt for is a concert field cabana, which is essential your own personal viewing tent complete with couches and bottle service.

Big Up Porta Potty

Basically, if you weren’t planning on going to The Big Up this year, you should definitely reconsider. The weekend is shaping up to be a great one, and you’ll not only have the change to see some amazing talent throw down in an intimate setting, but you’ll be able to expand your horizon artistically as well.



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