Simon Posford And Shpongletron 3.1 To Land At Seven Northeast Venues

“Are You Shpongled?”  That was the question posed to the universe in 1998 by Simon Posford and Raja Ram on Shpongle’s debut album, Are You Shpongled? The pioneering release, which spanned 78 minutes of meandering psybient alchemy, connected a web of previously disparate musical dots. Combining psytrance, world music and ambient soundscapes, the album flows seamlessly[...] Read more >>

Zebbler Brings Innovative Visuals to First Night Boston 2014

When planning the city’s annual “First Night” New Year’s celebration, now-former Boston mayor Tom Menino wanted to do something different. He reached out to visual effects artist Peter Berdovsky, known professionally as Zebbler, to create a unique visual presentation to celebrate the New Year and the city of Boston itself. Projected directly onto the side of the Boston[...] Read more >>