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Breakbot Brings 70s Nostalgia on Still Waters US Tour

French DJ and Producer Thibaut Berland, known as Breakbot, just released his latest album “Still Waters” in February of this year. A seasoned artist who’s been signed to Ed Banger Records since 2009, Breakbot is known for paying homage to the disco/funk rhythms of the 70s and 80s. His breakout track “Baby I’m Yours”, created with frequent collaborator Irfane launched both[...] Read more >>

Celebrate with Mala and Friends: Deep Medi 10-Year Anniversary Tour

Back in 2006, London producer Mala founded Deep Medi, a collective of like-minded creatives in pursuit of experimental sounds. Now ten years later, a few of the label’s stars are bringing some Bristol-flavor to North America in celebration of Deep Medi’s 10-year anniversary tour. While Mala is known as a forerunner in the UK dubstep movement, his work draws from multiple[...] Read more >>

Foreign Family Newcomer, Big Wild, Kicks off Headlining Tour

It’s been a nonstop ride for Big Wild these past few years. He’s only been releasing music since 2013, and he’s already got a slew of festival performances under his belt, toured with Kodak To Graph and OBESØN, and performed with GRiZ. The rest of 2016 is looking pretty promising, coming off a recent performance at Okeechobee and slated to perform at Camp Bisco and[...] Read more >>

Hip Hop Meets Electronic: Hermitude North American Tour

Many people have been listening to electronic music long before it began to receive recognition in the mainstream. However a good deal of listeners have found subgenres that overlap with their first love of pop, hip-hop, or heavy metal within the electronic music scene. Those kids in the mosh pit who raged to Insane Clown Posse or Tech N9ne can now often be found donning face-covering[...] Read more >>

Classic Roots, Modern Sound: The Bag Raiders North American Tour

It seems like many electronic artists of today find their beginnings in classical/instrumental music and then transition to a more polished, computer-generated sound as technology progresses. Rather than ditch the strings and drumsticks for DJ controllers and synth pads, The Bag Raiders have chosen to incorporate their classical roots into their modern-day sound. The duo, comprised of[...] Read more >>

Summer Goals in One Weekend: What The Festival 2016

Smoke hookah with friends, check out an indie film festival, take classes in twerking, tutting, and hip-hop dance, get some massage therapy, and see world-renowned electronic music producers - wouldn’t it be fantastic to accomplish all of these things this summer? How about doing all of that, and more, in one weekend? Enter What The Festival. This transformative 4-day festival[...] Read more >>

Get Lost in Experimental Sounds on Thriftworks US Tour

Downtempo, ambient, experimental, smooth glitch, dubstep with a dash of world-influence and lucid break-beat - these descriptors only begin to explain the creations of Jake Atlas, known in the music scene as Thriftworks. While Thriftworks spent many years curating his sound back in Pennsylvania since the age of 16, he moved to the Bay Area in his 20s to take his career to the next[...] Read more >>

Amtrac Kicks Off First Headlining Tour, Lost In Motion, In 2016

Caleb Cornett has been releasing music under the moniker “Amtrac” for eight years now. A well rounded entertainer with experience in singing, producing, and DJing, Cornett has created a presence for himself in the electronic music scene by consistently releasing remixes and original tracks on top of massive collaborations and festival performances. It’s evident that Amtrac draws[...] Read more >>

Mr. Carmack Goes Worldwide In 2016

It seemed as if one moment Mr. Carmack reigned king on Soundcloud airwaves, and the next, he was sharing his music live on world-tour. In today’s electronic music scene where so many artists seek to imitate the same pounding bass-lines and melodies they hear from more popular names, Mr. Carmack achieved recognition for his ability to throw down chill R&B, wubby bass music, jazzy[...] Read more >>

Miami Horror Brings Endless Summer Energy On Tour In 2016

This past weekend, Australian-bred group Miami Horror brought their summertime sound to the city of Chile, marking the start of their worldwide 13-stop tour. A few years ago, DJ/Producer Benjamin Plant started Miami Horror as a solo endeavor; just a few years later, the project evolved into a five-piece band, whose sound embodies a hybrid of electronica and feel-good indie-rock. Sway[...] Read more >>

Sugary Sweet Melodies Guarenteed On Slow Magic & Giraffage’s So Cute! Tour

The soothing dream-pop electronica movement is taking audiences by storm - or rather, washing over crowds in gentle waves. About three years ago, Giraffage and Slow Magic began to develop their sound in this niche area of electronic music.   //   A few years back, Giraffage’s social media pages were filled with pictures of cats, comical Mac Photobooth selfies, and[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] Chaim Machlev’s Stunning Tattoo Art Comes to Life in “Dots to Lines”

Tattooing has captivated communities the world over for thousands of years. The first documented tattoo was found on a Chinchorro mummy from 6000 BC. To some cultures like the Egyptians and Japanese, tattooing held great religious significance and represented a connection to spiritual ideals. Other cultures used tattooing as a way of signifying social caste, militia, and even criminal[...] Read more >>

House Music from the Homeland at London’s South West Four Festival

 South West Four has established itself as London’s premiere electronic music festival over the past decade: last year, SW4 brought home the accolade of “Best British Festival” from DJ Magazine. Now going on its thirteenth year, it is clear that the SW4 team must be doing something right. The festival takes place in Clapham Common, during the UK’s bank holiday weekend August[...] Read more >>

Drool Over Shambhala Music Festival’s Massive 2015 Stage Lineups

The end of summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the revealing of Shambhala Music Festival’s complete stage lineups for 2015. If performances curated by Canada's top tastemakers set amidst the beautiful outdoor scenery of British Columbia haven't persuaded you to buy tickets yet, these standout performers are sure to seal the deal. Highlights of the massive lineup[...] Read more >>

Musical and Spiritual Immersion at Unifier Festival 2015

As the beginning of summer approaches, established music festivals are back again to wow attendees with their big-name lineups and extravagant performance stages. However, festival-goers have the opportunity to delve into a spiritual and communal experience by choosing to attend Unifier Festival, taking place June 11th to 14th this summer. Located deep in the Berkshires in Tolland,[...] Read more >>

Blockhead Bells & Whistles Release Tour 2015

Born and bred in New York City, music producer Blockhead has been touring across the country since last month to promote his latest album “Bells and Whistles.” This project, released in November 2014, imbues nostalgic samples à-la Pretty Lights combined with a grungy hip-hop flair, putting Blockhead in a lane all his own. The man behind the music, Tony Simon, grew up in[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] Johnnyrandom Constructs Bicycle Beats In “Bespoken”

Have you ever stood outside on a rainy night? You hear the delicate splashes of raindrops on your deck and the dull roar of cars driving by on the road. In those moments, it may feel like your surroundings are creating their own natural symphony. Meet Johnnyrandom, a man inspired by the natural symphonies of bicycles. An avid bike rider during his childhood, Johnnyrandom thought one[...] Read more >>

Hip-Hop and Electronic Music Enthusiasts Unite at Outlook Festival 2015

It’s that time of year again. Electronic music fans are hibernating indoors waiting for the snow to melt while scouring the internet for the hottest festivals to attend this summer. Many larger festivals boast well-known progressive-house headlining DJs and producers, with locations all around the United States and the world. Since 2008, however, the organizers of Outlook Festival[...] Read more >>

Viceroy Pre-Game Tour Swings Through The Northeast Winter 2015

Four years ago, Austen Afridi took on the moniker Viceroy and began crafting summertime jams that kept the sun shining all year round. Although he grew up in San Francisco, he moved over to the east coast to attend Trinity College in Connecticut. Post-graduation in 2011, music ended up being the major focus in his life. He’s toured in Europe and Australia and produced official[...] Read more >>

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