Sonic Bloom

Sonic Bloom Announces Thrilling Phase 2 Lineup

Back in January Sonic Bloom Festival unveiled its initial release of artists to resounding approval from awaiting fans. Flag-shipped by two sets of Tipper, accompanied by the live bands of Opiuo, Michal Menert and Russ Liquid respectively and supported by one of the most impressive electronic lineups of the year, Sonic Bloom out did itself. READ MORE ABOUT SONIC BLOOM 2016 With[...] Read more >>

Celebrate The Start Of Summer 2016 At Sonic Bloom Festival

Could there be a more fitting way to celebrate the beginning of summer than going camping in beautiful Colorado with 5,000 friends accompanied by some truly excellent live music? Of course, everyone is different but if that sounds good to you, then head to Sonic Bloom Festival, which will return to Colorado from June 16th to 19th for its 11th consecutive year. Though they have[...] Read more >>

Sonic Bloom 2014: Review

Going into Sonic Bloom I really didn’t know what to expect. Self-described as boutique and a transformational festival, I didn’t quite know what I was going to experience based on those descriptors. I did know was that I was in for a totally unique experience more than 10,000 feet above sea level in beautiful South Park, Colorado. Sporting such acts as Tipper and Shpongle in a[...] Read more >>