New York City

Techno Is King: The State Of The Underground In NYC

About five years ago, there was an outbreak of dancing in the music world. EDM flooded pop airwaves of top 40 radio stations and dubstep was the coolest genre since metal. Frat brothers and sorority sisters, who saw club nights as a chance to party, herded themselves into concert halls by the thousands and blasted dance music at house parties. With the vast commercialization of[...] Read more >>

Armin Van Buuren NYE 2013

For anyone who might have been paying attention to Twitter last week, thisĀ announcementĀ probably doesn't come as a surprise, but for the rest of ya out there, Armin Van Buuren is going to be in NYC for NYE this year! He'll be playing a four hour set this year as well, so you know it's going to be epic. Tickets go on sale Friday, November 9th at[...] Read more >>

Beats Antique Tour Spring 2012

5/8: Town Ballroom; Buffalo, NY Doors 8pm; all ages; tickets $17 (buy tickets here) 5/9: Westcott Theater; Syracuse, NY Doors 9pm; all ages; tickets $17 (buy tickets here) 5/10: Port City Music Hall; Portland, ME Doors 9pm; 18+; tickets $18 to $40 (buy tickets here) 5/11: The Met; Pawtucket, RI Doors 9pm; all ages; tickets $18 (buy tickets here) 5/12 & 5/13: Brooklyn Bowl;[...] Read more >>