Mysteryland 2016 Bus: Tickets & Information

MASS EDMC has organized a round-trip coach bus to take party peoples to Mysteryland 2016 in Bethel Woods, NY. Buses will depart from Boston and pick up in Connecticut along the way. Round-trip bus tickets start at $90 dollars + fees, and this year we are offering a COMBO TICKET that includes a discounted 3 Day Nomad + Camping pass, and a round-trip bus ticket for $400 dollars +[...] Read more >>

Peace, Love, and Music Return to Woodstock for Mysteryland 2016

Over the years, music festivals have expanded, evolved, upgraded, transformed, and undergone a dozen other changes to stay alive. They’ve booked more acts, added more days, doubled up on how many weekends it goes; if you can think of it, somebody has probably done it. But the true draw of a festival is beyond that - it’s about the atmosphere. Few American festivals have that[...] Read more >>

[INTERVIEW] JackLNDN On How Producing “Everything” Helped Him Find His Sound

Heading off a whirlwind of festival gigs, his first EP, Summer Never Ends, and assisting in production for Lupe Fiasco’s latest album, JackLNDN is everywhere. And with good reason — the house producer and DJ blends a deeper sound into his music, merging various styles into traditional house as he introduces heavier bass lines, pop and hip hop vocals, and varying[...] Read more >>

Mysteryland 2015 Brings Woodstock Spirit Back to Life

If you had told me ten years ago that I would one day spend a weekend camping on the Woodstock grounds, hearing some of my favorite artists play and dancing nonstop, I would have never believed you. In ten years, though, I’ve grown into what I would consider a semi-professional festival-goer, and very little surprises me anymore. That’s why this year, going to Mysteryland was no[...] Read more >>

Mysteryland Announces Varied 2015 Lineup

Memorial Day weekend could be called the unofficial start to festival season in the Northeast, thanks in large part to Mysteryland.Last year marked the first year of the fest, appropriately located in Woodstock's former home - Bethel Woods, NY. Run by ID&T, the same group behind TomorrowWorld, the European import debuted to attendees last year with great success. This year, the[...] Read more >>

[GIVEAWAY] Mysteryland USA Returns to Woodstock Grounds in 2015

Last year, ID&T brought their electronic music festival Mysteryland to the US for the first time. The American debut proved to be a giant success, enough so that Mysteryland will be returning to Bethel Woods, New York from May 22nd to 25th. An official lineup hasn’t been released yet, but a list of curators for the festival is out[...] Read more >>

(GIVEAWAY) Mysteryland’s Inaugural USA Festival Releases 2014 Full Lineup

This year, every electronic music fan in the United States should be at a festival over Memorial Day weekend - no exaggeration; there are more music festivals happening between May 23rd and 25th than I have fingers on one hand. And guess what? Mysteryland just made slimming down the choices nearly impossible thanks to the announcement of their full music and art lineup. Considering[...] Read more >>

Mysteryland USA Heads to Woodstock Memorial Day Weekend

Mysteryland, the longest running electronic music festival in the world, is headed to Bethel Woods, NY from May 23rd to 26th for the first ever US installment of the fest (21+ - sorry kiddos). The next in the line of Belgian festival imports (TomorrowWorld anyone?) has been looking for the ideal American location for decades and finally settled on the original 1969 Woodstock[...] Read more >>