Max Graham

[INTERVIEW] Max Graham Talks Trance, EDM and Loyal Fans

With the high influx of electronic music acts nowadays, an artist who plays straight trance is becoming a rarity. There are so many subgenres and “BPM” categorizations - like progressive, psy, uplifting, euphoric, vocal - that it’s easy to lose sight of why trance is worth listening to in the first place. Max Graham, an exceptional trance DJ/producer out of Canada, doesn’t care[...] Read more >>

[GIVEAWAY] Max Graham Starts 2014 With New Cycles Tour

There are few DJs in the world who have mastered the ‘extended set,’ but in 2014, Max Graham intends to show North America how it’s done once more. The Canadian trance mastermind behind the super-popular Cycles Radio program will journey yet again, bringing his superior live mixing abilities and infectious personality around the country. Graham has been working with turntables[...] Read more >>