[INTERVIEW] Giraffage Sheds Some Light On His Current Mood

In preparation for the upcoming Together Festival, held in Boston from May 15th to 22nd, we chatted briefly with Giraffage about his musical origins, what his creative process is like, and what his favorite thing about the music industry is. Read on to find out more.     MASS EDMC: Everyone gets into electronic music from different backgrounds; What got you into the[...] Read more >>

Sugary Sweet Melodies Guarenteed On Slow Magic & Giraffage’s So Cute! Tour

The soothing dream-pop electronica movement is taking audiences by storm - or rather, washing over crowds in gentle waves. About three years ago, Giraffage and Slow Magic began to develop their sound in this niche area of electronic music.   //   A few years back, Giraffage’s social media pages were filled with pictures of cats, comical Mac Photobooth selfies, and[...] Read more >>

Giraffage’s No Reason Tour Promises New Sound

In 2011, Charlie Yin was a UC Berkeley student making tracks in his bedroom. By the end of 2014, he was touring with Porter Robinson, under his new moniker - Giraffage. Now he’s heading out on his own. The young producer has skyrocketed into the spotlight in the past couple years, leading the ‘bedroom producer’ movement with grace. Giraffage has taken charge of his own[...] Read more >>

Staff Picks Playlist #05: As The Summer Sun Sets

Welcome to yet another edition of MASS EDMC's Staff Picks, where our team publishes a weekly list of impeccably curated music for your listening pleasure. Following requests by friends and fans for music and recommendations of what's good - and conversely, requests for us to check out others' music - the MASS EDMC's Staff Picks have emerged as a way for us to showcase the range of[...] Read more >>

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