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Electric Forest 2013: Review

  It took two buses, five states and thirty-one hours to reach Electric Forest. I wouldn't take back a second. The MASS EDMC crew arrived late on Thursday night, missing almost all of the first day of musical offerings. Our bus groaned to a halt just outside of security and 55 New Englanders trudged off our coach bus to unpack our supplies. As our coach bus wasn't joining us in[...] Read more >>

Movement Festival 2013: Review

When I told friends and family that I was headed to Detroit for Memorial Day weekend, the most common response was, “Don’t get shot!” followed by incredulous inquiries as to why, exactly, I wanted to travel there. The decline of the US auto industry in the 1970s and 1980s hit Michigan’s Motor City especially hard, causing a devastating economic collapse that has left[...] Read more >>

The US is Finally Awake: A Review of Awakenings NYC

Not too long ago, I wrote about the New York techno environment and its continuous rise to the top of electronic significance in the U.S. The last few years in particular have been especially meaningful for techno; NYC has received global recognition by the likes of the best DJs in the world, as well as the stamp of approval from foreign promotional companies. Space Ibiza’s New[...] Read more >>

Electric Zoo’s Efforts To Transform For 2015 Paid Off

Electric Zoo is like the Spiderman movies of music festivals. Just as New York’s favorite web-slinger has grown from the pages of our childhood comic books to the forefront of today’s pop culture, Electric Zoo has transformed from a small East Coast gathering to one of the world’s most recognized music festivals. Every Labor Day Weekend since 2009, EZoo has transformed[...] Read more >>

Camp Bisco Makes Triumphant Return in 2015

Camp Bisco has been a staple of festival culture in the Northeastern US for more than a decade now. Run by electronica band The Disco Biscuits, the three day campout always features a diverse lineup of jam bands and producers, as well as fresh talent and established names. Last year, after having some difficulty securing venue permits, it was announced that Bisco would be taking a[...] Read more >>

Collective Kindness And Magic Thrive At What The Festival

A good music festival provides a momentary escape from the harsh and menial reality of everyday life. A great music festival provides an alternative to that reality. Through a shared experience of music and art, our mistakes and accomplishments are expunged, our fears and dreams set aside, and our prejudices and factory settings reset, leaving us with the uncanny ability to see each[...] Read more >>

Mysteryland 2015 Brings Woodstock Spirit Back to Life

If you had told me ten years ago that I would one day spend a weekend camping on the Woodstock grounds, hearing some of my favorite artists play and dancing nonstop, I would have never believed you. In ten years, though, I’ve grown into what I would consider a semi-professional festival-goer, and very little surprises me anymore. That’s why this year, going to Mysteryland was no[...] Read more >>

Envision Festival 2015: Review

“Today is the best day of my life, and tomorrow, and the next day. Music is what binds us together. We are all here to forgive and to love.” These were the words that Random Rab uttered during his magical sunrise set at Envision Festival 2015. While dancing to his melodic and cheerful beats, I had to take a moment for a deep breath and reflection. Taking a much-needed rest on the[...] Read more >>

Farm Fest 2014: Review

Farmfest, oh what a weekend. F.A.R.M. Fest, aka Future of Artistic Revolutionary Minds, attempted to fill the void for a transformational festival in the Northeast, and it did just that. In only its sophomore year, Farm Fest is still just taking baby steps towards making its mark on the music festival scene in the Northeast and in the lives of its patrons. Hosting names like Papadosio,[...] Read more >>

How To Handle Bad Luck: A Recap of The Inaugural Hudson Music Project

Growing up, my father would constantly tell me how life presents good people shitty situations. He didn’t try to sugar-coat it; he told me how the world works and made sure that I understood there was nothing I could do about it. He also told me, however, that it’s my responsibility to “make the best out of my shitty situations.” I’ve always tried to follow this advice: when I[...] Read more >>

Sonic Bloom 2014: Review

Going into Sonic Bloom I really didn’t know what to expect. Self-described as boutique and a transformational festival, I didn’t quite know what I was going to experience based on those descriptors. I did know was that I was in for a totally unique experience more than 10,000 feet above sea level in beautiful South Park, Colorado. Sporting such acts as Tipper and Shpongle in a[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] MASS EDMC’s CounterPoint 2014 Aftermovie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8Azpf6a8qU Following a lengthy bus-adventure down south, we arrived at the Kingston Downs in Georgia. Combining the beautiful location with a diverse genre-defying musical lineup, worthy art & food vendors, as well as an unanticipated touch of Southern weather; CounterPoint Music Festival ended up entering the books as one of this summer's most[...] Read more >>

Summer Camp Music Festival 2014: Review

Since its inaugural year in 2001, Summer Camp Music Festival has become something of a mecca for jam band fans all over the world. The three-day camping festival has grown considerably over the last 13 years, most evident in its lineup, which now incorporates a variety of EDM and hybrid acts to reach a wider audience. It was these new additions to the lineup that drew my attention to[...] Read more >>

Buku Music & Arts Festival 2014: Review

Not long after returning from Basslights in January, I realized how far away festival season really was and I was soon craving another festival. As a result, I ended up deciding to attend Buku. Fast forward three months later, I was making the journey more than 1,400 miles and 20 hours away to Louisiana with high expectations. I made it to New Orleans on Thursday afternoon, passing[...] Read more >>

[WATCH] An Electric Forest 2013 Experience

Next summer, MASS EDMC will return to the Double JJ Ranch for our third Electric Forest. While planning what can only be called an epic return, we realized that our experience last summer needed to be documented so that others could share in our nostalgia and 6 day adventure. Words and thoughts can only convey so much - we knew we had to create something as memorable as our visions[...] Read more >>

My Keys N Krates Experience at Electric Forest

Even at a festival where every moment feels magical, there is the opportunity for one experience to outshine them all. I will never forget the moments following Pretty Lights on the very last night of Electric Forest. Using Peter Penguin as a beacon, the gang of us gathered together and we began our march towards the Tripolee stage, where Keys N Krates were closing out the[...] Read more >>

Camp Bisco 2013: Review & Photos

My first Bisco was Camp Bisco 9 in the summer of 2010. I was a terrified recent graduate attempting to escape the reality of the real world - my entire perspective, if not my entire life, was changed by the three days I spent at the Indian Lookout Country Club. For the first time, I felt free from societal constraints and I loved it. Ever since then, I have made a point to return each[...] Read more >>