Join the Street Team

The MASS EDMC street team began in 2008, at the time comprised of a small group of passionate promoters spreading the word about our monthly party in Western MA.

Since its humble beginnings over 6 years ago, the street team has deepened in scope & purpose and now represents far more than just a promotional vessel; it has become a nationwide community & network of friends – an ever evolving matrix of electronic music enthusiasts.

Involvement in the street team has acted as a stepping stone for many participants. Professionally, the network offers an opportunity for street teamers to gain hands-on experience in the music industry & business, as well as helping acquire valuable connections and insight. More importantly however, joining the street team provides a supportive community within which to grow, learn about music, find direction, meet friends, make a difference, and explore how far down the rabbit hole goes!

The MASS EDMC street teams now operate all throughout the Northeast, offering support to a broad range of micro-scenes, promoters, venues, festivals and more.


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