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STAFF PICKS Playlist #12: Making Progress

March 26th, 2014


staff picks playlist

Welcome to yet another edition of MASS EDMC’s Staff Picks, where our team publishes a weekly roundup of amazing music for your listening pleasure. Following requests by friends for music and recommendations of what’s good – and conversely, requests for us to check out others’ music – the MASS EDMC’s Staff Picks have emerged as a way for us to showcase the range of sound that’s getting play in our lives. Our interests and tastes range both from day to day and between ourselves, so expect a variety of sound compiled in no particular order. Each week may contain beats ranging from dark techno, to euphoric drum & bass, experimental electronica, funky glitch, disco and anything in between. Tracks may be recently released, or timeless sounds.

The purpose is to show love to the musicians & producers who are inspiring us, and to pass their creations onto you.

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