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Skrillex AmA Covered New Releases, “Beef” with Deadmau5, and the Future of Dubstep

March 20th, 2014


skrillex AMA reddit

There’s very little Sonny Moore, known to most on Earth as Skrillex, isn’t conquering these days. Fresh off his international “Takeover 2014” tour – a 20+ tour in which the dubstep superstar chose to “takeover” 6 cities across the globe for week-long celebrations featuring back-to-back shows at multiple venues in each city – Moore recently jumped on popular online forum Reddit to host the site’s one of a kind AskMeAnything online interviews. Fans fired questions ranging from inquiries about past projects to production techniques, technical questions, and the direction Skrillex plans on taking his sound in the future. Check out some highlights of the AmA below.


Possible Re-release of “Bughunt”


Right out of the gate, one of the first questions Moore hailed was the demand for Moore’s unreleased Bug Hunt track. The hard-hitting electro dub tune was featured in the movie Wreck It Ralph, yet original version somehow never made it off the silver screen. Skrillex explains that he “…didn’t realize how many of you really love OG bughunt… Puts a new fire under my ass to finish it, put it out… but here’s the question.. There are 2 versions..Which to do prefer? The one i played at Tomorrowland 2012 Or the one that’s at the end of the “Skrillex in Mexico” clip?”


Skrillex vs. Deadmau5


Despite appearing to be BFFs a couple of years ago, fan and internet rumors have had many questioning what exactly is the present state of relations between the two super famed EDM kings. Deadmau5 is known to a be a button pusher among the electronic community and Sonny has had to endure his share of mau5 pranks (most notably when mau5 publicly advertised Skrillex’s cell phone number at the Grammys) but Deadmau5 has never taken his antics too far, as Skrillex says “it’s all fun and games at the end of the day… although changing phone numbers is pretty annoying.,…but i guess that’s the purpose of a prank. I don’t really have the energy for pranks… I feel like mau5 would go to the bitter end to get the best of me.. I’m just not up for that sort of challenge.”


Having Your own Disney Character > Winning a Grammy


Despite headlining international tours, owning and running one of the most successful record labels in the electronic music industry, and pretty much solidifying himself as a figurehead of EDM, nothing says you’ve made it than having your own Disney Character. Moore appeared as himself in Disney video game adventure Wreck It Ralph, which he describes as “fucking crazy… waaaayyy crazier then winning Grammys in my head.”
Skrillex disney character

Skrillex as a Disney character in ‘Wreck-It Ralph’


Future Skrillex Plans


While still being mysteriously vague Skrillex hints that SuperJam at this year’s Bonnaroo Music Festival will be something for fans to look forward to. While the takeover tours brought a collaboration to talent of different DJs to the stage with Moore, he assures this years concert will be full of surprises: “[it] is SOOOO much work putting [it] together.. but [it is] going to be rewarding seeing it go down knocks on wood.. But of course it’s all about the surprises so you’ll have to wait…”
Skrillex also hails an interesting idea to consider doing a “Skrillex Unplugged” performance. While many acts are incorporating live instruments into their electronic performances, dubstep presents a challenge for such a conversion with the heavily synthesized basses and mods. While Moore draws comparisons to successful performances like Nero’s collaboration with the BBC’s Philharmonic Orchestra, he says: “… I would totally be into doing an adaptation like that. I think I would like to wait until I have the right catalogue of music first though…Prob wouldn’t be any time soon though.”


Future of Dubstep


Skrillex hailed a variety of question concerning not only his personal career but insights into the future of EDM, most specifically dubstep. While many today are quick to point out what qualifies as a certain sound within a certain drama, Sonny maintains the stance that it’s about the sound and enjoying the music – not the proper technical clarifications. He says his secrets to his success entail surrounding himself with positivity and the people who motivate him to make great music, rather than concentrating on the hate that unfortunately comes with any artists rise to fame: “At the end of the day it’s DANCE music.. dancing is supposed to be fun. Dance music should be fun to… I don’t think it’s meant to be taken so seriously… it’s not politics. More so than a genre, I think success has to come with being open about your personality, doing YOU and not giving a FUCK what people have to say. Those are the people who catch my attention at least. I come from hardcore and punk rock.. I came from the uncool lunch tables. I feel like there’s this jock elitist mentality when it comes to dubstep in particular which is so against everything I stand for. BEING yourself, and not giving a fuck what others think. Not judging others.. For fuck sake it’s just MUSIC. stop taking it so seriously and have fun.. And if you don’t like something, then just fkn forget about it!”




Written by contributor Seth Hiravy. Find him on Twitter here.

A hybrid child of the 203 & 860, Seth would save up any allowance money he had and raid the dance section of his local CD store for anything with a 4X4 beat. By high school, he organized his area’s first electronic event. While this proved to be a disaster, he wrote a killer college acceptance letter about it - thus a music journalist was born. Today he continues to document from behind the keyboard. When he’s not searching for the perfect emoji or making festival posters/totems, he enjoys long walks into parallel universes, pulling off shameless dance moves, and leading the fight against kids from CT who feel wearing cowboy hats is okay.

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