Shpongle’s Museum of Consciousness Tour 2014 Heads to the Northeast

February 6th, 2014


shpongle museum of consciousness
The past two decades have been an incredible time for ambient music. With the rapid increase in technology, psychedelic sounds have developed rapidly in the electronic world, bringing us the psytrance and psybient genres, and, most importantly, Shpongle. This hypnotic group, formed in the mid-90s, has created some of the most transcendental, worldly, and euphoric music in the trance genre. Shpongle, which consists of UK-based musicians Simon Posford (better known as Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram (of The Infinity Project), is more of a project than a duo – while the two produce psychedelic tracks together, “Shpongle live” generally refers to Posford touring on his own to DJ or accompanied by a full ensemble. Museum of Consciousness, Shpongle’s latest album, is their first new album in three years, and is their most electronically-influenced album to date.



Psytrance stems from an early 80s electronic movement based in Goa, India, known as Goa Trance. ‘Hippie’ electronica at the time included Eurobeat, acid house, and techno (brought to India by Kraftwerk); the idea to make this club music a conscious, spiritual experience started in Goa, spread to major clubs worldwide in the 90s, and began the psychedelic trance movement. Nowadays, psychedelic trance – like Shpongle’s music – stands out as a higher-tempo, rapidly changing style, incorporating rhythms from funk, rock, trance, and techno with plenty of reverb and distortion to create trippy effects.
Shpongle may be considered psychedelic trance, but their influences stem beyond one single genre. Raja Ram’s background in jazz and rock is evident in Shpongle’s production: his flute melodies are featured heavily in Shpongle’s music (see Museum of Consciousness album closer ‘Tickling the Amygdala’ for a great flute saga). And the pair do an incredible job of incorporating worldly sounds to their tracks, combining influences from British, Middle Eastern, and Western music into one comprehensive style. It’s not surprising to hear a mandolin, sitar, jazz guitar, and synthesizer all in the same Shpongle track – or to see Shpongle (as an ensemble) perform all these instruments live.

shpongle museum of consciousness tour testing

Desert Dwellers, an ambient project by Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, will be accompanying Shpongle throughout the tour, featuring their newest album, Dive Into Forever. Their mellow, ethereal tracks complement Shpongles’ upbeat meditations, making the whole show a psychedelic experience. As an added bonus, video artist Zebbler will be providing visuals. Zebbler, who lives in Boston, has a history of VJ innovation: he is a pioneer in 3D video mapping and created the Shpongletron, an interactive, monolithic, video-infused DJ booth for Shpongle – which will be featured in its third incarnation on this tour.



Needless to say, seeing Shpongle live is an experience not to miss. Platinum package tickets are available for triple the cost, which offer a GA ticket, a signing session with Simon Posford before the show, a photo with Simon, a tour poster, and a tour T-shirt.


3/30 (Sun): Mr. Smalls Theater, Millvale

4/1 (Tue): Pearl Street, Northampton

4/2 (Wed): Toad’s Place, New Haven

4/3 (Thu): Irving Plaza, NYC

4/4 (Fri): Irving Plaza, NYC

4/5 (Sat): Electric Factory, Philadelphia

4/9 (Wed): House of Blues, Boston (rescheduled from 2/12)

4/10 (Thu): The Space, Westbury(rescheduled from 2/13)


Full tour dates here




Written by Contributor Sarah Ribeiro. Find her on Twitter here.

With a love of dance music stemming from countless years of dance lessons and bass-thumping car rides with her music-obsessed father, Sarah Ribeiro is a Hartford-raised music addict who moved to Boston in the pursuit of a supportive and open nightlife scene. A passion for learning and a willingness to grow has pulled her out of her trancehead sphere and exposed her to a crazy variety of music and introduced her to some of the most amazing people (and events) Boston has to offer. A writer and social mediac, her main interests are music, literature, technology, art, and her first love: the city of Boston.

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