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Round-Trip Bus to Electric Forest 2013 (SOLD OUT)

May 3rd, 2013



We’ve organized a round-trip coach bus to Electric Forest that departs from Amherst, MA & Albany, NY to Rothbury, MI. A round trip seat on the bus costs $185 per person. The deadline to pay and reserve a spot on the bus is June 7th. Below are some reasons why you should join us:

Electric Forest Road Trip



– DEPARTS Amherst, MA: June 26th @ 4 PM from Brandywine Village
– DEPARTS Albany, NY: June 26th @ 7 PM from UAlbany – Collin’s Circle
– ARRIVES Rothbury, MI: June 27th @ 10AM at Electric Forest 🙂

*We will be stopping at the Super Walmart in Michigan before we arrive at the festival*

– DEPARTS Rothbury, MI: July 1st @ 12 PM from Electric Forest
– ARRIVES Albany, NY: July 2nd @ 2AM at UAlbany – Collin’s Circle
– ARRIVES Amherst, MA: July 2nd @ 4AM at Brandywine Village



PAYMENT DETAILS Payment Deadline June 7th – We will not accept payments after this date. If you would prefer not to buy online & pay in cash please contact us at info@massedmc.com!



– Round Trip to and from Electric Forest

– 6 nights overnight parking in Amherst

– Storage for your luggage and camping equipment

– All Transportation Expenses Included (Gas, Tolls, etc. – it adds up!)

– Your own comfy coach bus seat!



– Guarantee a safe, relaxing ride home after 4 long nights of raging.

– It’s a party bus. Great music, Great Vibes.

– AVOID 28 hours in a car

– AVOID paying for 6 tanks of gas (avg. 3 tanks each way)

– AVOID extensive wear & tear on your car

– AVOID Canada

– The next cheapest bus to Electric Forest costs $400!

– Amherst, MA to Rothbury, MI (roundtrip) = 1,700+ miles



– The bus will not be passing through Canada, take a deep breath 🙂
– We will be stopping at the Super Wal-Mart in Michigan before heading into the festival
– Pack a lunch, we will not be providing food for the bus ride. Waters will be provided.
– Overnight parking is only included for those departing from Amherst. If you are you from Albany and need a place to overnight park please contact Kasey Docherty.
– Sadly, the Electric Forest colored coach bus above is just a photoshop. We can all wish. Anyway, the bus will probably be white.

Join Electric Forest Meetup

If you’d like to pay in cash and avoid the fees, please let us know by contacting us at info@massedmc.com!


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