The Tuesday Thirteen

So, today's post is going to start out banging and then chill out. I hope you're prepared! I tried to do my best with flow and hopefully you agree. I also promised myself I wouldn't bitch about the weather, so the intro today is going to be brief. Check out the Facebook page for even more music and, as always, enjoy! Baily Smalls - Music is the Answer 2012 (House) You[...] Read more >>

Sunday Funday #6

I know, I know, it's not Sunday. Forgive me? I had quite the busy weekend! This week's post is stuffed with awesome updates so you should probably start planning out your spring and gathering your tribe. And as always, check out the Facebook page for even more updates, music and events. If you go to BU, you should definitely check out Electric BU to find some fellow EDM lovers[...] Read more >>

Weekend Forecast (3/1 to 3/7)

I know talking about the weather is usually a sign that you're boring, but seriously weather? C'mon! I can't take this back and forth, this push and pull, the constant emotional rollercoaster. Spring or winter!? Make. Up. Your. Mind. Luckily this upcoming week has some serious fun in store. If you go to BU and love electronic music, definitely check out Electric BU to stay[...] Read more >>

The Tuesday Twelve

Happy Tuesday! This bipolar Boston weather has meant that my music mood has been all over the place this past week, so be prepared to be hurled from one genre to another. I attempted to list them in some sort of flow, so hopefully I won't leave you feeling too muddled.[...] Read more >>

Together Festival 2012: Boston, 4/2 to 4/8

If you live in the Boston area and have been paying attention to the electronic music scene over the past few years, you already know about Together. If you haven't, Together is Boston's very own electronic music festival! The festival combines events every night with panels, discussions and screenings during the day. Aka a great way to network, rub shoulders with some of[...] Read more >>

Sunday Funday #5

In case you haven't noticed, I've changed the layout! It should make it a little bit easier to read and looks pretty. I'm a fan. Also, you should probably like the Electric Shepherdess on Facebook. It's updated all the time and has lots of music, videos and other fun stuff. Check out the festivals page while you're at it- I've added more! Things to Note and[...] Read more >>

Avicii Tour: Spring 2012

Avicii is coming to the New England area to make up for his cancelled shows this past January. He'll also be making a new stop along the way. 4/17: Webster Bank Arena, Bridgeport, CT Doors 7:30pm; all ages; tickets $45 to $65 Tickets go on sale on 3/9 at 10am. 4/18: Ryan Center, Kingston, RI Doors 7:30pm; all ages; tickets $44.50 to $49.50. All tickets will be honored[...] Read more >>

Break Science and Gramatik Tour: Spring 2012

4/5: Paradise, Boston, MA. In association with Together Boston. Doors 9pm; 18+; tickets $15 (buy tickets here) 4/6: Higher Ground, Burlington, VT Doors 8:30pm; all ages; tickets $12 (buy tickets here) 4/7: Irving Plaza, NYC Doors 8pm; tickets $15 (buy tickets[...] Read more >>

Weekend Forecast (2/23 to 2/29)

It's Thursday! Which means the Weekend Forecast and it's almost the weekend itself! I'm switching things up a little this week, and having a greater focus on the Boston area. If you dislike the new style, feel free to productively yell at me. I can't promise I'll change anything, but it might make you feel better. THURSDAY, 2/23 Greater Boston area/MA: Elements[...] Read more >>

The Tuesday Three

I know, I know, only three songs today? What can I say, I'm tuckered out from a raging three day weekend. But fret not, they're mixes! Which totally counts as far more than three tracks. On top of that, they're all by artists who will be in the greater New England area in the next few weeks, so get your listening hat on and your day planner out. Tunes Tunes[...] Read more >>

Sunday Funday #4

  Its Sunday! But luckily, it's a three day weekend so for most of us (I hope) the weekend is far from over. And because I don't have work tomorrow, I'll get straight to the point. Here's the weekly update! To Note: Together has started announcing their line up for the electronic music festival held from April 2nd to 8th. Information about the event can be found[...] Read more >>

Weekend Forecast (2/16 to 2/22)

 Is it Thursday already? Oh my. This week is jam-packed with crazy goodness. It's actually so stuffed with EDM delights that you're probably going to have a hard time deciding what to do. In case you've forgotten, it's a three day weekend for most folks. Remember - pacing is key people. It's a marathon, not a race! Slow and steady wins the race! A bird in the hand is worth[...] Read more >>

Shpongle Tour 2012

4/19: Toad's Place, New Haven, CT Doors 9pm; all ages; tickets $22 (buy tickets here) **Tickets go on sale 2/17 at noon 4/20: Roseland Ballroom, NYC Doors 9pm; 18+; tickets $39.50 (buy tickets here) **Tickets go on sale 2/17 at 1pm 5/1: Pearl Street, Northampton, MA Doors 9pm; tickets $22.50 adv, $25 door (buy tickets here) **Tickets go on sale 2/17 5/2: The Westcott[...] Read more >>

Armin Van Buuren Tour: Spring 2012

Armin Van Buuren will be playing at Royale in Boston, MA on May 22nd. Doors 9pm; 21+; tickets from $30 to $60 (buy tickets here) To Note: The $30 and $40 level early bird tickets are already sold out so get yours[...] Read more >>

The Tuesday Twenty

  So I guess there's like, a holiday today or something? This weekend I had the hilarious idea of creating a music post full of creepy stalker songs, but in retrospect that seemed a little bitter and so I went for an overall mix. I'd like to think of today's post as a mix of creepy, happy and sad songs that span all genres. For easy listening, I've divided them into what[...] Read more >>