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Mysteryland 2016 Bus: Tickets & Information

May 4th, 2016



MASS EDMC has organized a round-trip coach bus to take party peoples to Mysteryland 2016 in Bethel Woods, NY. Buses will depart from Boston and pick up in Connecticut along the way. Round-trip bus tickets start at $90 dollars + fees, and this year we are offering a COMBO TICKET that includes a discounted 3 Day Nomad + Camping pass, and a round-trip bus ticket for $400 dollars + fees. This saves you $30 on your ML ticket!
The buses are standard coach buses with a bathroom. Each passenger will have a reclining seat, and room both underneath and inside the bus for luggage. Music will be played and watching a movie is always an option – feel free to bring your favorite DVD.
Have a question? Don’t see the bus pick-up location you were looking for? Comment at the bottom of this post or email us at info[at]massedmc.com.







1) There is no car camping at Mysteryland and a parking pass cost $50. Avoid spending money on a pass and lugging your gear from the car lot to the campground. Our bus will be driving up as close to the campgrounds as possible.

2) You can bring as much camping gear & luggage as you like on the bus; avoid having to squeeze it all in your car. If you’ve been to a festival before, you know the mess your gear can leave in your car after a weekend camping in the wilderness.

3) Avoid having to drive home after a long weekend of fun & partying. Have no worries, and let the bus be your safe ride.

4) Avoid wear & tear on your car and paying for gas.



We strongly suggest arriving at least 30 mins before the departure time. PLEASE NOTE: arrival times are estimates, and the duration of the journey will include multiple rest stops.

BOSTON, MA: Friday, June 10th at 9am

PICKUP: Kmart, 77 Middlesex Ave, Somerville, MA 02145
**If facing the store entrance, meet on the left side of the building.
PARKING: There is no overnight parking at Kmart; please plan accordingly.

CROMWELL, CT: Friday, June 10th at 11:30am

PICKUP: Walmart, 161 Berlin Rd Cromwell, CT 06416
PARKING: There is free overnight parking at the Walmart.


The bus departs from the same drop-off location at Mysteryland on Monday, June 13th at 11am. In order to ensure that you will be at the bus on time, we encourage passengers to check out of their hotel room at least 45 minutes prior to departure. Please be at the pick-up location with your luggage no later than 10:45am. If you are late, we may be forced to leave without you.

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By riding on these buses you are joining our family, our team, and our community for the weekend. We’re all here to have the best time possible and in order to achieve this goal, it’s imperative that each passenger is responsible and respectful. Please look out for each other. The following policies are in place to ensure we get to the festival as safely and timely as possible. Any passenger who does not adhere to any of the below policies may be removed from the bus at the Bus Captain’s discretion.


We will be crossing state borders and stopping at rest stops where laws may be strict, not to mention potentially encountering law enforcement throughout our trip. This means absolutely no alcoholic beverages, illicit substances, or questionable behavior outside the bus throughout the trip. If we see you visibly participating in any questionable behavior, we will not hesitate to remove you from the bus. Keep it tight!


Please be mindful of your behavior when we are at rest-stops, Walmart, or public settings of any sort while on the bus trip. Your actions reflect on our trip and community as a whole.


There are 50 others on the bus besides yourself, and we’re all trying to get to the destination. At rest stops, you must be mindful and return to the bus by the time set designated by the Bus Captain. Those who dawdle will delay the arrival time for all passengers – please aim to avoid holding up the bus.


Though you may not know everyone on the bus and though it can sometimes be extremely difficult to control your emotions/fists/words while contained within a small space for an extended period of time, we ask that you are respectful at all times.



By purchasing a ticket to the bus you acknowledge the following:

1) MASS EDMC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items aboard the vehicle or throughout the duration of the trip.

2) I am financially liable for taking care of the bus as well as any damages I incur to the bus.

3) MASS EDMC is not responsible for anything that may happen to the bus during travel. We’ve taken precautionary measures to ensure that in case of any bus malfunctions, a timely solution will be provided at no extra cost to you.

4) There are no refunds on your purchase.




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