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Meet The Psychedelic Visual Artists of Great North 2015

July 17th, 2015


Great North Music & Arts Festival returns to Norridgewock, ME in September! With proper musical guests like Break Science, G Jones and Papadosio, it’s easy to overlook the roster of visual artists also coming to Last Breath Farm. Check out the list of wildly talented artists to keep an eye out for over the weekend below.



Chris Dyer:

Chris Dyer is a highly influential establishment in the festival art community. He specializes in canvas painting and street art, and his designs have been transformed in prints, hat pins and clothing.

chris dyer


The Welch Brothers:

Gabriel and Jeremiah Allen Welch are an artist/brother duo from San Francisco. Coming from an artistic family, the Welchs have forged their own style through a fusion of comic, graffiti, and fine art.

welch brothers


Adam Psybe:

Psybe Visual places focus on transforming abstract psychedelia into vectorized art.

Psybe Quantum Teleportation


Jonathan Solter:

Jonathan Solter combines the contrasting influences of interdimensional travel and ancient civilizations to create a highly unique display.

j solter


Otis Chamberlain:

Otis Chamberlain is a New Zealand native specializing in the balance of ethereal beauty and mathematical technique.

o chamber



E.Howard specializes in psychedelic art with vibrant, neon coloring.

e howar



Bild’s geometric paintings digitize influences from the natural world.




Kaliptus forges “transpersonalism” by painting cosmic landscapes with humanistic elements.



Yedi Fresh:

Yedi Fresh’s cartoonist background shrines through his mural and street art.

yedi fresh


Jenna Ohdner:

A lifelong artist, Jenna Ohdner creates storybook dreamscapes. Moving to New Hampshire as a child greatly influenced the snow and forest themes seen in many of her paintings.




Joshua Stewart, aka Joz Kooz, illustrates electronic music culture with colorful graphics. He designed album art for Brightside and Craz, and an official merch pin for Griz’s “Say it Loud!” tour.



Ryan Kohler:

Ryan Kohler’s breathtaking oil canvases convey the 3D world with sharp clarity.

ryan c

Alyssa Woodcock:

Alyssa Woodcock’s freelanced artistry includes impressions of animals, famous musicians and more.

alyssa woodcock

Mary Murph:

A self-proclaimed “Visual Stimulation Engineer,” Mary Murph creates hauntingly beautiful pieces.

mary murph

No Fun Zone:

Despite their namesake, the No Fun Zone group creates very enjoyable canvases and murals.

no fun zone

Kai Griffiths:

Kai Griffiths’ wildly imaginative canvas work transcends geometry and fractals.

kai griffith

Douglas Lakota:

Douglas Lakota’s psychedelic visions flow seamlessly into his canvas work.

Lakota_02  4.26.10, 4/26/10, 10:40 AM,  8C, 5906x5836 (85+1213), 100%, Capture Curv_0,  1/25 s, R96.8, G71.1, B92.5

Chase Hanna:

Chase Hanna’s abstraction techniques combine ancient influence with modern technology.

chase hanna

Sam Farrand:

Sam Farrand creates vivid, neon landscapes that instill a sense of digital wonder.

sam farrand

Tyler Epe:

Tyler Epe has established himself as one of the most popular fixtures in the festival art community, consistently dazzling fans with his intricate fractal patterns and more.

tyler epe

Rye Bread:

After designing the official pin for last year’s Great North, it was only natural that Rye Bread would be invited back to demonstrate his skills with cartoons and vibrant street art.

rye bread





Written by contributor Eddie Richard. Find him on Instagram here.

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