[GIVEAWAY] Max Graham Starts 2014 With New Cycles Tour

January 22nd, 2014


max graham cycles tour
There are few DJs in the world who have mastered the ‘extended set,’ but in 2014, Max Graham intends to show North America how it’s done once more. The Canadian trance mastermind behind the super-popular Cycles Radio program will journey yet again, bringing his superior live mixing abilities and infectious personality around the country. Graham has been working with turntables for almost 30 years – a claim very few current musicians can match – and has all but perfected his craft over this time. He belongs in any (and every) trance conversation.
In 2008, Graham created the “Cycles” concept with support from Armin van Buuren’s Armada Records label. The idea started out as a compilation of Graham’s favorite tracks combined into one album and, after a resounding success on the very first release, the creation of “Cycles Radio” followed. Five years later, Graham has released a total of four Cycles compilation albums and has put together over 140 episodes of Cycles Radio.
His upcoming tour will be promoting his newest compilation, Cycles 5, and promises to be his most electrifying tour yet; his shock-inducing blend of trance, tech, and deep sounds must be experienced first-hand. With Graham’s extended sets, he’s given the proper amount of time to create a story and, more importantly, create an overall mood that lasts the whole night. A typical event consists of multiple artists playing individual sets; attempting to build one fluid mood this way becomes a daunting challenge. With open to close sets, however, one mind forms it all, giving the artist full control over the musical journey. Graham is able to dictate the mood early on in a night with deep house to loosen up the crowd, then elevate to techier trance mid-way through, and end with uplifting and big room trance to close out.
As talented as Graham is, his down-to-earth attitude allows fans to relate with him. He runs his own twitter account instead of letting his management handle his followers; there is no better recipe for cooking up fan loyalty than direct interaction, and Graham understands this. I had the pleasure of attending his set at Slake, NYC in November; before and after his epic set, Graham made time to share drinks with and interact with his audience. He listens to what his crowd has to say – case and point, the entire Slake event happened because his fans petitioned for it via Twitter. On the Cycles tour, you can expect more fantastic nights and priceless memories like those from my Slake experience, so make sure to snag a ticket so you can witness the magic for yourself in a city near you.
Enter to win a pair of tickets to each of Graham’s stops in the Northeast! Click on the event links below for details.


2/7 (Fri): Rise, Boston *GIVEAWAY*

3/1 (Sat): SRB, Brooklyn *GIVEAWAY*

4/12 (Fri): Flirt, Philadelphia (rescheduled) *GIVEAWAY*


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