Lido’s US Tour Brings Soulful Hip Hop Back on Track in 2015

August 18th, 2015


Lido US Tour
2015 has been a year to kick back your feet and just chill. With plenty of downtempo grooves rising on the charts, it’s not surprising to see more and more trip hop artists sharing the limelight in the electronic scene. Lido, a Norwegian producer, songwriter, and more, has been leading the charge this year, and is now bringing his infectious, soulful sound on his second US tour.
With a more piecemeal approach to producing, Lido aligns his sound more to R&B than typical trap or hip hop artists, for a style that is both palatable and noteworthy. He combines sounds from across the board, including driving progressive riffs, funky effects, and new-wave synth to his standard R&B beats, making each of his tracks stand out from one another. Last year’s ‘I Love You’ EP made the most of this, presenting Lido’s range of talent. The title track’s soulful crooning is a world away from the EP’s final track ‘Lost,’ which showcases skillful vocal manipulation while combining hip hop elements with formulaic house. Lido is a jack of all trades, and knows how to show that off. His newest EP with Canblaster, Superspeed, takes that full force, with each track its own story in an anthology of sound.



Having mastered variety in his music, Lido’s performances are sure to surprise and engage show-goers until the lights come up. His live sets are a spectacle in and of themselves — with a setup involving multiple keyboards/synths, mixers, and drum pads, Lido combines his skills in variability with a knack for spontaneity. Not only do his shows offer great music to jam to, they showcase his artistry in an up close and personal way.








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