LA’s HARD Summer Moves Locations for August 2014

February 28th, 2014


hard summer 2014 new location

HARD Summer is back once again in 2014 and a couple of key changes guarantee that this year’s festival will be unlike any other. With a new home, more stages, and even more surprises along the way, this west coast staple isn’t waiting until the weather is warm to start celebrating. The festival’s summer teaser trailer was released just days ago and presale tickets goes on sale on Friday, February 28th at 10am PST.


hard summer 2014 tickets

Since its founding in 2007, HARD Presents has been a pioneer when it comes to establishing the dominating presence of electronic dance music on the west coast. As the demand for electronic entertainment has grown, so have the venues which house the annual summer concert series. While the first HARD festivals were hosted indoors at Inglewood’s Forum Arena, 2010 saw the expansion of HARD Summer outdoors to the Los Angeles State Historic Park. This allowed for multiple stages, more performers, and a more “LA feel” to entirety of the experience rather than just another arena concert.


hard summer 2014

This year, the HARD Summer stages will grow beyond city limits as the festival moves to a new, larger home at South El Monte’s Whittier Narrows Recreation Park just 10 minutes from downtown LA. The park boasts almost 1,500 acres located on adjacent sides of the Pamona freeway and will host what is promised to be HARD Summer’s biggest party yet as festival organizers announce even more expansions for 2014.
HARD Summer 2014 takes place during the first weekend of August, from the 2nd to 3rd. Though those dates seem far away, early bird tickets are the best deal; general admission two-day passes start at $141.20 and VIP two-day passes start at $306. If you’d rather not pay the whole amount up front, payment plans will be available starting March 3rd. Past events offered discounted public transportation to and from the festival, but you can also scoop a parking pass for just $22 (while the grounds are larger, parking does look like it will be limited). The two-day festival is a non camping event as well with limited surrounding lodging so also plan your accommodations accordingly.



HARD Summer continues to prove itself as one of the most talent dense and versatile festivals within the United States. While you might not find the elaborate stage set ups and theatrics that other summer festivals are characterized by, HARD Summer attempts to steer clear of thematics and directly connect fans with easy access to the artists they want to see. Gary Richards – aka Destructo – is the president and founder of HARD Presents and the driving force behind the company’s legendary events like Day of the Dead and Holy Ship. While the focus is on electronic music, Richards advocates that he doesn’t want HARD Summer to fall into the stereotyped free-for-all most electronic festivals have.




Following an unfortunate cancellation in 2009, Richards has worked vigorously with the city’s zoning, police, and fire authorities to continue HARD events in Los Angeles. As the electronic community witnesses the increasing frequency in the cancellation of festivals and concerts, HARD’s willingness cooperate with artists, fans, and authorities have created a synergistic process that appeals to all parties involved and demonstrates just how an event can bounce back and continue strong. Acquisition by entertainment super giant Live Nation in 2012 has allowed the HARD festivals to not only grow in Los Angeles and New York, but to immigrate to other cities like Hollywood, and Miami.



HARD Summer 2013 hosted over 75 acts, stretched over 5 stages with over 70,000 fans in attendance. Promoting in Los Angeles for over 15 years, Richards has stuck with EDM through the rise and falls, even admitting at some points he almost walked away from the scene entirely. While always passionate about the music, Richards states he now understands his role within the industry as more than a DJ and event promoter, but rather a leader to ensure the future growth and survival of EDM and its live events. As the formula for success continues to adapt and evolve, year after year on thing can be said for sure- fans get turned on for HARD.


hard summer 2014 tickets



Written by contributor Seth Hiravy. Find him on Twitter here.

A hybrid child of the 203 & 860, Seth would save up any allowance money he had and raid the dance section of his local CD store for anything with a 4X4 beat. By high school, he organized his area’s first electronic event. While this proved to be a disaster, he wrote a killer college acceptance letter about it - thus a music journalist was born. Today he continues to document from behind the keyboard. When he’s not searching for the perfect emoji or making festival posters/totems, he enjoys long walks into parallel universes, pulling off shameless dance moves, and leading the fight against kids from CT who feel wearing cowboy hats is okay.

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