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[WATCH] Julia Wolfe Shows Burning Man’s “Black Rock City” Is For Kids Too

August 28th, 2015


Music lovers often keep an eye out for the festival with the biggest lineups and the best bang for their buck. Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo, Spring Awakening Music Festival, and others of the like continue to gather massive crowds each summer, and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Faithful festival-goers, however, should recognize that this is not the only type of festival around.
Differing from the typical dance all day/rage all night festival is Burning Man. Burning Man attendees spend a week in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert building “Black Rock City.” A temporary artistic and cultural experience, Black Rock City tends to draw the attention of many adults who look to experience something new and different, and most of all, looking to inspire change within themselves and their communities.



Nine year-old Julia Wolfe, however, said that Burning Man is fun for kids, too. Wolfe, who attended the festival with her father in 2013, shared her experiences in a TEDxYouth Talk in Albuquerque, New Mexico the following year.
While Burning Man may expand the stereotypical idea of an electronic music festival, it still provides the aspect of community that festival-goers know and love. Nine year-old Julia Wolfe has proven that although Burning Man tends to attract adults, kids can have just as much fun in this artistic, educational environment. So festie goers, branch out. Fearful or not, step out of your comfort zone and explore. Black Rock City can be experienced and enjoyed by everyone from ages nine to 99, so don’t be afraid to have lots of fun and climb on some giant art sculptures.




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