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[WATCH] Johnnyrandom Constructs Bicycle Beats In “Bespoken”

March 25th, 2015


bespoken bicycle 2015
Have you ever stood outside on a rainy night? You hear the delicate splashes of raindrops on your deck and the dull roar of cars driving by on the road. In those moments, it may feel like your surroundings are creating their own natural symphony.
Meet Johnnyrandom, a man inspired by the natural symphonies of bicycles. An avid bike rider during his childhood, Johnnyrandom thought one day, “What if I could tune my spokes to make a melody?” As an adult, he did just that. He draws a violin bow across the spokes, pounds a drum mallet and runs a guitar pick on the tires, and clacks the bike chain. The process flashes before your eyes in this short but eye-opening video.



The result is “Bespoken,” an ambient percussive-based song reminiscent of the production-sound of Imogen Heap. While bicycle musical composition might only be a good idea in theory, Johnnyrandom has actually created an impressive work of art with resonating melodic aspects layered upon an intriguing bicycle beat. It’s not just a cute art project; he has found an orchestra hidden within the spokes.
So what really constitutes an instrument? Johnnyrandom hopes to stretch the definition of the very word and “change the way people perceive their surroundings.” The next time you’re going for a run, shopping, skiing – whatever it may be – take the time to notice the natural symphonies in your life.



Written by Sylvia Parol. Find her on Twitter here.

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