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[GIVEAWAY] Hop on the Bus to CounterPoint Music & Arts Festival 2014

January 15th, 2014


counterpoint bus

Counterpoint fans rejoice! We’re organizing two buses to take us to Kingston Downs in Georgia for an epic weekend – one departing from Boston, MA stopping in Philly; and the other from Hartford, CT stopping in NYC. If you’re from elsewhere and want the bus to stop near you, comment on this post at the bottom of the article and let us know.
Thanks to CounterPoint, we’ve been given our own dedicated campsite for those on both the buses, and we’ll be bringing our talented friends Bamboora and Voltran in tow.

Although it’s hard to believe this could get any better, it does – we’re offering a bundle ticket package that includes your round-trip bus ticket and a 3 Day GA festival ticket + camping for only $380, saving you $15 on your CounterPoint ticket. Advanced GA tickets are currently on sale for $205, and will eventually increase in price so if you’re looking to save some money AND have a ride to Georgia, this is the deal for you. If you already have a festival ticket, you can purchase a bus ticket for $190.
If you’re still not convinced or want some more details, read below.


Counterpoint Festival 2014 Lineup


bus to counterpoint 2014


A round trip bus ride from either Boston or NYC to Counterpoint Festival 2014. We’re offering two ticket options:

– Round-trip bus ticket ONLY = $190

– Round-trip bus ticket plus Counterpoint GA camping pass = $380



– It’s going to be an amazing time! Sit back, relax, see the sights, and make some friends along the way. Then, we experience three nights of incredible music and art and get to party at our campsite after words. (For a sneak peek, check out our past experience at Electric Forest)

– Avoid paying ~$400 for an airplane ticket. Remember, you would still have to pay for a cab and you wouldn’t be able to bring all your camping gear and fun accessories.

– Avoid driving 34 hours (17 hours one way) and 2200 miles – let the CounterPoint Bus be your safe and smooth ride.

– Avoid wear & tear on your car and worrying about paying for gas.



Two 55 passenger coach buses to transport us to CounterPoint in Rome, GA. The bus is a standard coach bus. You’ll have a reclining seat, and room underneath and inside the bus for camping gear. That being said, don’t go overboard with your luggage. There is a bathroom on the bus.

Music will of course be played and watching a movie is always an option. Bring your favorite CDs and DVDs and we’ll put it on!



Arsenal Mall: 485 Arsenal Street #37, Watertown, MA 02472

Soundgarden Hall: 520 N Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Walmart: 255 W. Main Street. Avon, CT 06001

JFK PARKING: 122-02 S Conduit Ave, South Ozone Park, NY 11420

We will meet in front of the building / terminal off of Aqueduct Road or near aisle B19-17.


BOSTON: Overnight parking is not technically allowed at the Arsenal Mall so park overnight at your own discretion. We recommend getting a ride to the Mall or taking a taxi.

HARTFORD: We choose Avon, CT because you can park overnight at the Walmart or at the commuter lot right next door.

NYC: The pick-up is the JFK Airport parking lot and overnight parking for 3 days costs $38.

PHILLY: There is no overnight parking at Soundgarden Hall. We recommend taking a taxi or getting dropped off by a friend.



Early-Bird Bundle Package: $380 + fees

Save $20 on your CounterPoint Ticket!

$195 Round-Trip Bus Ticket + $205 3-Day Festival GA Pass + Camping = $400

Early-Bird Round-Trip Bus Ticket: $190 + fees

By purchasing a bundle package, you will be mailed your official 3-Day GA Pass / festival bracelet by Front Gate Tickets. There are NO REFUNDS. CounterPoint is 18+ – you must have a valid ID to enter the festival.



We are offering a payment plan for the CounterPoint Bus in which you can pay $192.50 in two installments to reserve a seat on one of the two buses.

If you do not purchase the “Payment Plan” ticket a second time before April 1st, your seat will no longer be reserved and may be replaced by another person. Please be wary of this.

To solidify your ticket with the Payment Plan you must purchase the “Payment Plan” ticket twice.



We strongly suggest arriving 30 mins before the departure time.

*PLEASE NOTE*: arrival times are estimates, and take in account multiple rest stops.


BOSTON: Thursday, April 24th at 5pm sharp.

HARTFORD CT: Thursday, April 24th at 6pm sharp.

NYC: Thursday, April 24th at 9pm sharp.


The Boston bus will arrive around 2pm on Friday, April 25th.

The Hartford / NYC bus will arrive around 2pm on Friday, April 25th.


Leaving CounterPoint at 10am sharp on Monday, April 28th.


BOSTON, MA: Arrive in Boston at around 5am on Tuesday, April 29th.

NYC: Arrive in NYC at 1am on Tuesday, April 29th.

HARTFORD CT: Arrive in Hartford at around 3am on Tuesday, April 29th.



1) No open flames on the bus.

2) You must be 21 to drink alcohol on the bus.

3) Respect the bus and respect others!

4) Keep in mind we will be crossing state borders and stopping at rest stops whose laws are not so festival-friendly. Be smart!

4) We reserve the right to remove anyone from the bus who violates these policies.



By purchasing a ticket to the bus you acknowledge the following:

1) MASS EDMC is not responsible for anything that may happen to the bus during travel. We’ve taken precautionary measures to ensure that in case of any bus malfunctions, a timely solution will be provided at no extra cost to you.

2) MASS EDMC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items aboard the vehicle or throughout the duration of the trip.

3) MASS EDMC is not affiliated with this bus. This bus is organized and produced by OPEN ROAD TRAVEL LLC.

4) I am financially liable for taking care of the bus as well as any damages I incur to the bus.

5) There are no refunds on your purchase.


Counterpoint Festival 2014  Lineup


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