Hip Hop Meets Electronic: Hermitude North American Tour

March 4th, 2016


hermitude tour 2016 flyer
Many people have been listening to electronic music long before it began to receive recognition in the mainstream. However a good deal of listeners have found subgenres that overlap with their first love of pop, hip-hop, or heavy metal within the electronic music scene. Those kids in the mosh pit who raged to Insane Clown Posse or Tech N9ne can now often be found donning face-covering black bandanas at an UZ or Keys N Krates show. Hip-hop mixed with electronic tends to go in the direction of trap, but Hermitude is a group that has been carving out a new lane for this intersection of genres.
Group members Luke Dubs and El Gusto would not be classified as newcomers to the scene; they’ve been making music together since they were teens growing up in Australia, and they released their first EP on vinyl in 2002. While some of their production is more light and ambient, they’re also not afraid to switch it up with some big bass. During their live shows, they incite the same energy as big progressive-house DJs but with songs that are more akin to instrumental soundscapes rather than predictable melodies and drops. The Hermitude guys are back for a short North American tour this March, after which they’ll be heading over to Europe. Catch them live for a mind-opening reinterpretation of modern hip-hop.


3/1 (TUE): The Sinclair, Cambridge

3/2 (WED): Johnny Brendas, Philly

3/11 (FRI): Terminal 5, NYC (with Big Gigantic)



Written by contributor Sylvia Parol. Find her on Twitter here.

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