January 20th, 2012


After spending a large chunk of my time (meaning most of 2010, all of 2011 and what has been 2012 thus far) creating and updating my own personal listing of (mostly) electronic events and in turn getting quite a lot of interest, it was clear that a gap existed in the greater New England area. Facebook can only do so much, and word of mouth gets us only so far. I know there are numerous forums chock full of information, but I wanted to create something that would list everything in one place as clear as possible. The momentum electronic music has been gaining this past year is incredibly exciting, and I want this to be the place where your interest will develop into long-lasting love (and perhaps slight obsession) because you will have information to finally experience your favorite artist live. There’s nothing like seeing someone live- the experience of being in the crowd, and feeling a bonding connection with everyone around you. It’s amazing, unifying, unreal, and actually rather addicting.

I hope you find what you’re looking for- and if not, feel free to let me know where I’m slacking. My intention is to post mostly about upcoming shows that I am interested in, and let’s be honest, most likely attending. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have mad love for all the events I list (otherwise what would be the point).

As always, Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.

(Scroll down to enjoy!)

Electric Shepherdess was born out of my frustration with nightlife options and a constant desire to dance. After a few years of adoration from afar, I partnered with my long-time friends, MASS EDMC, to spread our message far and wide. When I'm not tending to my flock, I'm writing, dancing, editing, managing, reading or curating. I believe in fancy hats and enjoy glitter, disco and lazers, often for days.

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