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[WATCH] Hakanaï — A Performance In Light and Movement

April 28th, 2015


She stands, surrounded by four walls of light. As she stretches her arms upward, the light comes to life. The grid projection transforms, changing shape and scaling upward with her. She begins to dance, and as she does, light and motion are married, her dancing one with the environment. It’s a hypnotic, magical, and inspiring experience.



This is Hakanaï, a visual art project installed in 2013 by Adrien M / Claire B that utilizes dance, live projection mapping, and original sound. Hakanaï uses sensors to track the performer’s movements using their original software, eMotion, which converts motion into data and visualizes it through the projection, exploring the interactions between image and the body.
Hakanaï, an old Japanese word, refers to the transitory, ephemeral, evanescent nature of life: living in the moment and letting it pass. And Hakanaï captures just that. While everything is choreographed, it is important to know that nothing about Hakanaï is pre-recorded. The sounds, the visuals, and (of course) the dancing are all performed live. Hakanaï’s purpose is to showcase genuine interaction, creating an observable partnership between all three aesthetic properties; all parts of the show mesh fluidly and seamlessly.


And it doesn’t stop there. Once the dancing ends, the space is left open for the audience to explore, furthering the interaction as audience members immerse themselves quite literally in the center of Adrien M / Claire B’s engineered environment.
Hakanaï just closed its run at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, but is constantly touring. You can find Adrien M / Claire B’s full schedule here, including other visual projects beyond Hakanaï.


With a love of dance music stemming from countless years of dance lessons and bass-thumping car rides with her music-obsessed father, Sarah Ribeiro is a Hartford-raised music addict who moved to Boston in the pursuit of a supportive and open nightlife scene. A passion for learning and a willingness to grow has pulled her out of her trancehead sphere and exposed her to a crazy variety of music and introduced her to some of the most amazing people (and events) Boston has to offer. A writer and social mediac, her main interests are music, literature, technology, art, and her first love: the city of Boston.

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