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Google Glass Expands Into Music Integration

November 16th, 2013


google glass music integration
The technology-driven music industry has just gotten a little bit cooler with Google Glass. The fashionable technology has announced new features that make the eyewear compatible with music, including interactive search and controls that incorporate Google Play into the mix.
This announcement came paired with a YouTube video showing Google Glass in action with music producer and DJ Young Guru. The video highlight’s Glass’s pre-established POV-style video recording, as well as new features such as the voice command “Glass, listen to…” and Sound Search, a two-month old app that identifies tracks and artists, similar to Shazam. Plus, Google is introducing their own line of earbuds that will rival Apple’s in-ear headphones. The earbuds, which will cost $85, come with five interchangeable color caps and – most importantly – are engineered to provide high-quality audio that allows you to still hear your surroundings.

This is sure to be an exciting development for DJs that have been sponsoring Google Glass (directly and indirectly) since its release. Morgan Page has released a couple “Behind the Glass” videos on YouTube, utilizing the POV-video recordings in fun scenarios, and Paul Oakenfold took his on stage with him at Burning Man. Nicky Romero brought his Google Glass to TomorrowWorld, where he recorded his set in another POV-based video. The enthusiasm already built up in the EDM world around Google Glass is sure to increase after Young Guru’s video, showing how new features like music search and play can inspire a producer to create a new track from musical influences and everything they experience.

nicky romero google glass music integration

So what’s next for Google Glass? An app that allows DJs to control Ableton through the technology? It wouldn’t be the first of its kind, but being able to mix without a board getting in the way of the crowd is something almost every DJ dreams of. How about the ability to live tweet during their sets and interact with fans in a more direct manner? Or, now that Google Play is in the mix, the ability to grab a track last-second from the cloud to add the perfect touch to a set? The Young Guru video shows that it’s possible – but it might not be as seamless as it looks.
Needless to say, more and more DJs are sure to be incorporating Google Glass into their regular performances – and the technology will be adapting with them. Now that the technology is becoming more user-friendly, we’ll be sure to see audience members bringing Glass with them to shows, festivals, etc. – similar to the GoPro explosion of the past two summers. The fact that Google Glass is wearable and incredibly interactive is a big plus to music fans and creators alike, and it’s interesting to see what this means in terms of competing techs such as Apple and GoPro.





Written by contributor Sarah Ribeiro.

With a love of dance music stemming from countless years of dance lessons and bass-thumping car rides with her music-obsessed father, Sarah Ribeiro is a Hartford-raised music addict who moved to Boston in the pursuit of a supportive and open nightlife scene. A passion for learning and a willingness to grow has pulled her out of her trancehead sphere and exposed her to a crazy variety of music and introduced her to some of the most amazing people (and events) Boston has to offer. A writer and social mediac, her main interests are music, literature, technology, art, and her first love: the city of Boston.

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