[INTERVIEW] Giraffage Sheds Some Light On His Current Mood

May 16th, 2016


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In preparation for the upcoming Together Festival, held in Boston from May 15th to 22nd, we chatted briefly with Giraffage about his musical origins, what his creative process is like, and what his favorite thing about the music industry is. Read on to find out more.



MASS EDMC: Everyone gets into electronic music from different backgrounds; What got you into the music and where do your tastes come from?

Giraffage: I was always the dude in search of new music as a teen, I think I stumbled upon a Boards of Canada album and the rest was history.

Where does your creative process begin in writing a song? Where does the inspiration to make sounds come from?

Literally anything, from something as simple as the weather to my current mood.

What have you done to develop your own style? Do you work with others to expand your awareness & abilities?

I think just being in my own head all the time and being super introverted is great for creativity.

What is your favorite and/or least favorite part of the music industry?

The electronic world of the music industry is really chill to be honest. I like that most producers are more or less friendly and are homies with one another. The things I don’t like are pretentious yacht-esque schemes for publicity. In the end its a business.

What city, venue or festival would you like to play in that you haven’t yet?

Anywhere in Iceland.

What’s next? What are your eyes set on?

Making music and finishing up a record.
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Catch Giraffage at The Middle East in Cambridge on Thursday, May 19th. Snag tickets here.




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