Teksupport w/ Testpilot at Depot 52 | Brooklyn, NY | December 30th, 2017


  • Date:Saturday, December 30, 2017
  • Venue:Depot 52
  • Address:7 52nd st, Brooklyn, NY 11232
  • Age:18+
  • Artists:Testpilot, Tensnake, Dennis Ferrer
  • Promoters:Teksupport
  • Time:10:00 pm


Testpilot is the techno alter ego of Deadmau5.



You know how sometimes an artist comes along and you just know that youre in for the time of your life? Thats what happens when you hear a truly great Tensnake record – and right now there are already a dozen of them spinning out there in the disco hemisphere. Remember the first time you heard the dreamy, (new) romantic synths of Congolal or the impossibly yearning In The End (I Want You To Cry)? Or the feeling you felt in your feet when the supernatural melody from Coma Cat first drifted into earshot? This is the musical alchemy that drives electronic producer Marco Niemerski. And it has to be said, its pretty damn potent.

Born in Hamburg in 1975 and raised on a diet of disco, soul, boogie and funk, Niemerski started out listening intently to the radio and recording shows on tape with 80s pop stars like Simple Minds and Duran Duran. “I grew up in the suburbs where there was nothing to do except listen to music so the radio was the most exciting thing around me. But my older brother was into D*Train, Shalamar, Aura and other boogie stuff. I was maybe ten – there it is again! But later I listened to everything.” Like most musicians and devotees of dance music, Marco had a couple of club experiences which connected him to the heart of the rave machine. “In 1992, there was a gay club called Front where Stockhausen was a resident DJ. I was totally shocked by something so new – one track I remember being into was Ce Ce Rogers – No Love Lost.Boris Dlugosch was the resident too and when he played, he was double-tracking and I wanted to do that too! After that experience, I spent all my pocket money buying records – from 1992-1998 I bought every house record that came into our local shop.”

But where did the music come from? Well, it was while working at a music promotion company called Public Propaganda – who coincidentally promoted pretty much every big dance record in Germany – that Marco started producing initially. He bought a Yamaha SY85 and a Roland Juno 106 and was just 24 at the time. It was the first step but ever the perfectionist, Marco made music as a mere hobby for several summer seasons.“Six years ago, I started the Mirau label with two friends. The first record, Around The House, was a part of The Restless EP, the third Mirau release. “I did it in one night and it felt like a lucky strike,” he grins. “But in 2006 , I was surrounded by the minimal sound and it was so boring. I was inspired by Metro Area who included tiny disco sounds and combined that with house music – thats what kept drawing me back.But how does the Tensnake sound evolve until its truly venomous? “Sometimes I play around and find a melody or I am inspired by something I heard on a podcast. Dance music is all about sampling – but I always reply, my music is sample-free. Im recreating… and Im proud of my ability.” As for Coma Cat – its already been a serious international hit around the world. Says Marco: “Its crossed over into so many worlds and it gives you a good feeling.” Indeed, the track and the wide-ranging mix compilation, In The House, were an instant success for Defected and Marco himself. Watch this space.


Dennis Ferrer is without doubt one of the most well rounded producer/song-writers in dance music, let alone house. He’s produced myriad styles (ambient, acid techno, tech, gospel, Afro, soulful), and has collaborated with masters including Damon Wild, Kerri Chandler and Jerome Sydenham. It’s an apprenticeship that many aspiring producers would trade their right arm for, and by combining this with strong ideas and passion, his consistency and quality over the last five years has been peerless. With a string of soulful hits in the early 2000’s, Ferrer’s absolutely monstrous collaboration with Jerome Sydenham, Sandcastles (2003) was his most ambitious venture to date and straddled the tech-soulful divide for the first time. He has since recorded at least five more of the global dance floor’s biggest records of the last four years: Sandcastles, Son Of Raw, Timbuktu, Church Lady, Blaze / Barbara Tucker “Most Precious Love” (Remix), and Fish Go Deep “The Cure & The Cause” remix. He balks at a genre or scene and this is subsequently what makes a Ferrer record sound so fresh. A Ferrer production is always a hybrid of influences unlike any other. His debut artist album, The World As I See (King Street / Defected) is an amalgamation of global sounds, expertly honed into soul-stirring, modern house collection which moves from futuristic gospel, “Church Lady”, to the afro-techish “Transitions” to the old school hip house of “P 2 Da J”, to the Madonna-esque pop meets gospel of “Touched The Sky”. When he’s not producing his own music, Ferrer’s passion is developing the careers of others not only in the form of his remixes. His label Objektivity is home base for teenage DJ / producer sensations, The Martinez Brothers with whom he works closely. Filsonik, an emerging producer from the NYC underground also benefits from Ferrer’s ears and will release his first single for the label in the summer. In the meantime, Objektivity just released the highly anticipated Ferrer / Abicah Soul co-remix of “Love Can Damage Your Health” by Telepopmusik. Thereafter, expect nothing but groundbreaking productions from the man who refuses to be painted into a stylistic box. These include a collaboration with Grammy Award winning Norwegian folk singer Ane Brun, Angela McLuskey (from Telepopmusik) and a revisit of Kevin Saunderson’s Inner City project, all culminating in a second, even more ambitious full length album coming on Objektivity before the end of the year.


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