Quantic at Good Room | Brooklyn, NY | August 24th, 2017


  • Date:Thursday, August 24, 2017
  • Venue:Good Room
  • Address:98 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Artists:Quantic, Nicola Cruz
  • Promoters:PopGun
  • Time:10:00 PM


William ‘Will’ Holland is a musician, DJ and record producer from Bewdley, Worcestershire. He is based in New York City after spending 7 years in Colombia.

He records under various guises, notably, Quantic, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, and The Limp Twins. His music draws upon elements of cumbia, salsa, bossa nova, soul, funk and jazz. Holland plays guitars, bass, double bass, piano, organ, saxophone, accordion and percussion. Much of his sound is original composition with little in the way of sampling of other artists’ material.

Holland also has his own label Magnetic Fields on which he releases heavy soul and funk. He has also taken on remix duties for over 30 songs.


Nicola Cruz is an electronic producer, musician and DJ. Born in Limoges, France, to proud South American descent, he lives and works in Quito, Ecuador, the heart of the Andes. Nicola started his career as a percussionist. He developed an early interest in electronic music and swiftly moved on to DJing. His music draws from a broad variety of sources, while remaining deeply personal in nature. Nicola’s main source of inspiration is his passion for the land of his ancestors. In the past few years he has embarked on a soulful journey through the Andean landscape, its culture, rituals and rhythms. His work conveys a yearning for the great outdoors, a quest for the spiritual. It radiates awareness, vision and deep understanding. His music is exuberant, organic, ritualistic, mysterious, hypnotic, slowly rising in ecstatic escalation. Based on a minimal use of resources, it is percussion oriented but profoundly melodic. He employs a skillful mix of acoustic and ambience recording, sampling and synthesizing. He often works with like-minded musicians, making collaboration into a distinctive part of his creative process.

He has expressed a major interest in sonic exploration. He has worked in diverse projects, such as sound installations, ambience recording and film soundtracks. As a performer, he has played all across South America, often in his own country. Nicolas Jaar approached him in 2011 to join his venture, Clown & Sunset, granting Nicola the opportunity to take his work to the USA. He performed in LA’s Echoplex and MoMA PS1, at the core of New York’s vibrant electronic music scene. He has also played in post-quake Haiti and in Mexico’s BPM festival, 2014.