Play w/ Anja Schneider at Brooklyn Mirage | Brooklyn, NY | July 29th, 2017


  • Date:Saturday, July 29, 2017
  • Venue:Brooklyn Mirage
  • Address:Scott Ave and Randolph St, Brooklyn, NY 11237
  • Age:21+
  • Artists:Anja Schneider, Doc Martin, Atish, jozif, Dubtribe Sound System, Ray Zuniga, Nikita, Muffs, Mykola
  • Promoters:Cityfox, Listed
  • Time:03:00 PM – 04:30 AM


Anja Schneider is the mobilee records founder, broadcaster, internationally renowned DJ and producer once labeled a ‘perpetual motion machine’, and one of the hardest working individuals in the business.

From her beginnings in radio to the ‘Hi Five’ anniversary year of mobilee, her ascension through the ranks has been fuelled by her strong work ethic, sharp tastemaker instinct, charming personality and innate musicality. Starting out as a producer for KissFM, Anja became a radio persona in her own right in 2000 for Fritz Radio. Armed with an engaging presentation style and impeccable taste, Anja’s ‘Under the Blue Moon’ program – which still airs to this day – resonated with Berlin’s music-loving masses and propelled her forward into a career as a club DJ.

After her first forays into production in 2004, Anja joined forces with Ralf Kollmann to found mobilee records the following year. Anja’s keen ear defined the emergent imprint through its early releases, unearthing talented newcomers such as Sebo K and Pan-Pot, and paving the way for her celebrated mobilee debut with Sebo, Rancho Relaxo. Harnessing her unique interest in collaborative creativity, Anja’s list of studio partners has grown to include the likes of Paul Brtschitsch, Marco Resmann, and Lee Van Dowski. Anja’s 2008 opus, her debut album Beyond the Valley, was released to critical acclaim, with tracks ‘Belize’ and “Safari” dominating Charts and dancefloors worldwide. Alongside her original work, an extensive list of remixes for labels such as Dessous, Crosstown Rebels, and Diynamic now line the annals of her impressive discography.

As a label head Anja has focused not only on discovering fresh talent, but also on cultivating and developing the mobilee roster, pushing artists to challenge themselves and developing their careers as DJs and musicians. Under her guidance, mobilee and its sister label Leena Music have grown into one of Berlin’s most-watched staples, with a close-knit collection of producers and musicians that carve out a distinct sound in a city teeming with electronic music.

Widely regarded as one of the world’s most respected DJs, Anja has traveled to almost every corner of the globe, making her mark at world-renowned clubs.

With ears honed through years of experience, Anja’s achievements as a producer, DJ and label head are far from peaking. Her development as a one-of-a-kind artist and businesswoman is just the start of what we can expect from Anja’s evolution, as she builds mobilee into the defining platform that stands in testament to the vision, passion, and love of music that drives her extended mobilee team in all that they do, and all that will come.


Doc Martin’s live sets truly bring people together. The variation in his style of music is endless. What makes him so different from the rest? A unique ability to spin everything from deep house vocals that have much depth and meaning to us all in some way, to his funky tribal Bass lines mixed with threads of acid, his passive collection of classics rare records that are only to be heard at his gigs. Doc Martin has developed the respect as a house DJ that so many of us admire.


The Atish experience: deep, emotive, ecstatic. It is more than the beautiful sounds emanating from the speakers, though, it is also the man behind the decks: warm, compassionate, inviting. In an age of oversized DJ egos there is still an artist who is devoted to connecting with his audience, a humble soul with a pure passion for music. This is Atish.

Atish occupies a rare space in dance music. At a time when most DJs rise to prominence primarily through their work as producers, Atish’s success has been realized through his total devotion to the art of DJing. What began at a small gig back in 2010 in San Francisco has since flowered into a magical journey around the world at clubs, festivals, and afterhours on six of the seven continents.

His success comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen Atish DJ live or listened to one of his mixes. With a combination of sophistication and accessibility, his sets are expressive journeys in melodic deep house that create lasting emotional experiences for the listener. Atish is also a natural performer, engaging the crowd with a mixture of charisma and charm. He’s been known to don costumes and wigs when he spins, a playfulness that balances the strict discipline and obsessiveness he has for DJing.

Atish’s natural talent and passion for music haven’t gone unnoticed. Lee Burridge asked Atish to play on the legendary Robot Heart bus sound system at Burning Man in 2011, and Atish has been invited back every year since. He’s also been honored to open for or tag with some of the most respected names in dance music including John Digweed, Danny Howells, Guy Gerber, M.A.N.D.Y., and Tyrant. Currently, Atish is a resident of the Desert Hearts family, a West Coast collaborative who put on the highly respected semi-annual Desert Hearts festival and he is a resident of Behrouz’s Miami club, Do Not Sit on the Furniture.

Atish has also developed a strong online presence through Soundcloud. A prolific mixer, Atish produces a monthly podcast series that has allowed him to express a deeper, moodier sound. Scrolling through his extensive catalog of mixes, one can hear an artist passionate about music and dedicated to the perfection of his craft. Having achieved so much in such a short amount of time, the dance music community is excited to see how far he can go.


Since 1991 Moonbeam and i (Sunshine,) along with sit-in percussionists from all over the world have come together in an attempt to incite change, restore faith and have a party at the same time.

Together in various forms we have traveled all across North America (from san francisco to new york city, toronto to miami, whistler to san diego and all points in between,) Across the Pacific (Hawaii, New Years 1999-2000) and various hops across the Atlantic (Paris 1999, Netherlands 1995, 2001, UK 2002, UK-Spain-Germany 2003.)

Dubtribe Sound System are a live band, we do not pantomime to a pre recording, nor do we replay pre produced sequences, we have not performed with a computer, we perform our music live and on the fly. We also spin records from time to time, but that’s another thing, and never considered Dubtribe Sound System.

Sunshine (the male,) makes the music. Moonbeam (the female,) executes the mix, the effects, and sings like an angel.

And a following of live African and latin percussionists accompany this electronic mass of cables to create an unstoppable and infectious energy for your spirit as well as your mind.

In the studio our roles are more diverse. Moonbeam and i have worked at a creative partnership for well over a decade and have found that while some prefer a formula, we are constantly pushing ourselves, and re inventing the sound that has become not only the DSS experience, but also the sound of imperial DUB recordings and (dare we say) influenced modern electronic music in general.

There are no set positions, or rules. We do not imagine ourselves as anything other than lovers of music, and the indescribable high that comes from dancing to the sound of your heart, your inner fire, your unexpressed thoughts and feeling that peel off your head like the skin of an onion while you practice a little more disco kung foo.


On the same day Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin, Edgar Allen Poe, his mother and grandmother were born, so too did San Francisco DJ NIKITA begin his enchanted existence. As a young boy in Denver, Colorado, NIKITA’s childhood was similar to that of other creative youth, days filled with singing, playing the piano, and dancing to his mother’s R&B albums. From an early age, NIKITA always knew he wanted to be an entertainer. Then, in 1993, a chance encounter with house music at an underground warehouse party would prove to be a pivotal moment in his life, ultimately guiding NIKITA towards the charmed life he lives today.