Moullinex at Babys All Right | Brooklyn, NY | March 18th, 2017


  • Date:Saturday, March 18, 2017
  • Venue:Baby's All Right
  • Address:146 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Age:21+
  • Artists:Moullinex, Xinobi, Da Chick, GPU Panic
  • Promoters:PopGun
  • Time:11:59 PM


If there is an underlying trait across all good music, it must be its ability to crush boundaries between genres, dancefloors and couches, twelve inches and YouTube clips. Enter Moullinex, aka Luis Clara Gomes. After several EPs that have been acclaimed by peers, press and public, remixes for the likes of Sebastien Tellier, Cut Copy, Two Door Cinema Club, among many many others, the first album by Moullinex, Flora, confirmed what was already hinted at: Moullinex means attention to detail. A careful craft of melodies, a strong sense of human touch in machine-based music, the melodrama of swirling keyboards, desperate guitars, those basslines, and beats reminiscing from a not so distant dancefloor past. The result is something intangible, somewhere in the thin line between song and club track, able to draw the best from the past and with the hope of shaping the future.

Flora showcases the funk boiling on Moullinex’s blood, the reverence for house music on his feet, and the pop gems of yesteryear inhabiting his heart. For this record he brought in Peaches, Iwona Skwarek and Da Chick, all sharing vocal duties with himself. It’s a sun-drenched window into a world that begs to be discovered, be it at home, next to someone dear or in the comfort of a crowd, in a sweaty basement: The rave reviews from NME to Mixmag can’t be wrong. You can call it sunset boogie, beach house or mocassin funk, the title doesn’t really matter.

Luis has been juggling the tasks of worldwide DJ touring, manning a three- piece (real) live show, obsessive-compulsive studio ethics on his own and with friends, running a label, co-directing music videos. That and a background in computer science which has him frequently collaborating with Astronomy researchers(!) worldwide. But that’s not all: back in 2006 Luis created the Discotexas imprint, along with partners in crime Xinobi and Mr. Mitsuhirato. Initially an artist collective with a residency in one of the most sought-after clubs in Europe – Lux, Lisbon, Discotexas has since become a full-fledged record label with a flawless release catalog.


Xinobi is Bruno Cardoso a Portuguese grown-up-kid obsessed with music. He’s part of a generation that grew up within the music-blog eruption fueled by Do It Yourself ethics.
His music became universal after tracks like BMX or Day Off start spreading and getting really popular.
Xinobi’s influences are as diverse as his record collection consequently his productions are eclectic and self-freshened as it’s not easy not to get surprised every time he releases something. Although you can simply label it as Disco / House / Electro / Techno, the truth is that there is a unique watermark on his sound. That versatility is also visible in his performances. You can travel from fresh-funk to a deeper mood without losing consistency as he can soundtrack from Miami palm-trees to Berlin cold nights; and everything in between.

After releasing the ep “The Best Of Me” (on Kris Menace label Work It Baby) he gained a real recognition among more established and well-known artists and opinion-makers, and his underground cult become more ample. The title song was even categorized as the “Stardust” of 2011 on Buzz-charts. Fun-fact.

Together with his friend and work-partner Moullinex he gave birth to the still-growing-influent Discotexas, a Record Label that, with the help from the newcomers Mr. Mitsuhirato and Lazydisco, is getting more and more followers and admirers and is stepping further to a respectable dimension of scene-credibility.

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