Hullabalo0 at The BackRoom | Philadelphia, PA | January 5th, 2018


  • Date:Friday, January 05, 2018
  • Venue:The BackRoom
  • Address:4634 Paschall Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143
  • Age:18+
  • Artists:Hullabalo0, 5AM, Shapesift
  • Promoters:S*H
  • Time:09:00 PM – 02:00 AM


Hello, my name is Andrew Bryant, I’ve been producing for about 9 years. I originally started playing piano and slowly shifted my passion towards electronic music (still play the shit outa the piano)

I was born in Rome Italy youngest of six older siblings. I traveled all around southern Europe and eventually finding my way to Russia not far from 8 years old. There I learned to play the piano and have been playing since with a great passion.

I got into electronic music at the age of 14, compiling loops I found in Garage Band. Then was able to hook up my keyboard and start recording my own compositions and fell in love with the electronic music world. I then started to produce music with FLstudio making electronic instrumentals and drum & bass.

As my skills evolved I was able to start producing bedroom psytrance with big influences of Infected Mushroom and Astrix. When I moved to Argentina at 16 I continued my passion with my set of headphones for the next 2 years producing many tracks and even ‘albums’ that I later organized. Always showing friends and family for feedback. The scene at the time was very big on Minimal-techno and slowly was able to appreciate it. There was a skatepark that I escaped to that converted into a very shanty club after the day. There I started to DJ and as well as produce (at home) more and more minimal techno with always my own spin for complex rhythms and textures.
I now reside in Reno after returning from 4 years in Argentina and graduating from a Music & Art highschool named Centro Polivalente de Arte. I continue my production with the dream of once getting discovered for my talents in Piano and Music Production.