Bloodline at Coda | Philadelphia, PA | March 14th, 2018


  • Date:Wednesday, March 14, 2018
  • Venue:Coda
  • Address:1712 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • Age:21+
  • Artists:Bloodline, Pushloop
  • Promoters:Aspire Higher
  • Time:08:00 PM

BLOODLINE is Youngsta & Hatcha.


Without doubt one of the finest DJs in dubstep, Youngsta’s flawless mixing and deadly accurate selection place him at the forefront of this evolving scene. Representing flagship label Tempa with an exclusive array of dubplates, his sets continue to raise the bar for quality and innovation. Despite his young age, Youngsta has already attained veteran status in the dubstep scene. Residencies at FWD>> and Rinse FM set him apart as a tastemaker and pioneer, supporting early productions from the likes of El_B, Horsepower, Loefah, Digital Mystickz, Skream, Benga, D1 and Headhunter. More recently, he’s been working alongside Seven, Kryptic Minds and Icicle, with fresh collaborative material set for release in 2009 and beyond.

Introduced to underground music at an early age, Youngsta began DJing regularly on London pirate Freek FM at 13 playing a mix of bass_heavy 2_ step garage. Naturally drawn to the more experimental sounds within the genre, Youngsta was offered the chance to make his name in 2001 with a residency at a new clubnight started by his sister Sarah and business partner Neil Joliffe. Stepping up alongside the likes of Hatcha, Benny Ill, Jay Da Flex and Zed Bias, Youngsta’s reputation grew quickly thanks to dynamic sets and immaculate mixing. As the dark swing and nervous shuffle characterised by Horsepower, El_B and Oris Jay gave way to a heavier dubbed_out aesthetic within the dubstep scene, Youngsta was at the helm creating a cavernous and spacious mix with fresh sounds from the likes of Skream, Mala, Loefah and D1. His sets at FWD>> and the early DMZ nights showcased the sound of this new wave of producers and would place him firmly at the forefront as the scene’s leading DJ, helping these breakthrough artists and their sound gain further exposure.

Youngsta was asked to present the Dubstep Allstars 2 CD for Tempa in 2005, following Hatcha’s first instalment in the ground_breaking series. Built around exclusive dubplates created for only a handful of DJs, the compilation reflects Youngsta’s skills both in crafting a mix as well as selecting a sound. It’s no surprise he now represents Tempa as A&R and has helped bring attention to the likes of D1, Headhunter, SP:MC and Seven plus others on the label.

Although he’s not yet known as a producer, Youngsta’s had a strong influence on the progression of the sound known as dubstep so far. Having cut his teeth with a VIP remix of Loefah’s ‘Twisup’ in 2005, Youngsta has preferred to focus on DJing before rushing into production himself. More recently, he’s linked with Seven and N_Type in the studio and is looking forward to working with the likes of Icicle and SP:MC in the near future.

In addition to working as dubstep buyer for legendary London record store, BM Soho (formerly Blackmarket Records), Youngsta also maintains a weekly radio show on Rinse FM. With his focus clearly on the music, he regularly features guest MCs including former host Task and more recently Toast and SP:MC. In 2008, Youngsta teamed up with station boss Geeneus to mix and compile the ‘I Love Dubstep’ double CD, highlighting the instrumental role of Rinse FM in some of the scene’s finest moments to date.

Youngsta has also represented at DMZ in London and appeared regularly at the biggest events, including the ‘Why Not?’ dubstep festival, FWD>> vs. Rinse FM clashes and Exodus in Leeds. As well as frequent visits to Los Angeles and other US cities including San Francisco and New York, Youngsta has touched down in Canada, Japan and Israel and has been playing regularly across Europe since the age of 15. This summer sees Youngsta among the headliners at the Exodus international dubstep festival in Croatia as he continues to spread his wings and take his sound worldwide.

In 2009, Youngsta has several collaborations with Seven due for release starting with ‘MassaiMara’ b/w ‘The Story (Seven & N_Type featuring Youngsta) to appear on N_Type’s Wheel & Deal label. These tracks and others, including ‘Who’s There?’ also produced alongside Seven, have been causing a massive buzz on Youngsta’s Rinse FM show and a single for Tempa from the duo is in the works. You can be certain to hear these plus other exclusives in his live sets first, with Youngsta now available for solo bookings as well as alongside SP:MC.


No one DJ or indeed producer can claim sole credit for dubstep. But when the history of the genre gets told, no DJ has ever had, or perhaps ever will again have so much influence over the course of the genre as Hatcha. It’s no overstatement to say the entire genre bares his stamp.

Hatcha’s roots seep deep back into late ‘90s UK garage, Croydon and pirate radio. Originally the buyer at the now defunct Big Apple record shop, Hatcha was one of the very first DJs to pick up on the new dark strains of 2step that were being made by local producers like El-B, Artwork and Horsepower at the turn of the millennium. As the producers came into the shop to sell white labels of these niche new sounds, a community arose. The shop began its own label, Big Apple Records and its first release was the dubstep classic “Red” by the shop’s resident producer Artwork. The next releases came from his two protégés, Benga and Skream.

As the garage sounds from south London began to take on their own unique, dark swung direction, it became clear that the nascent scene needed a home. In 2001 Forward>>, dubstep’s founding club, started with Hatcha a resident. It was here he began to up the ante. While other DJs came with a collection of white labels (tracks immanently due for a public release), he arrived with a box of upfront dubplates: unique one-off exclusive tracks. No DJ could test.

Throughout the decade Hatcha’s sets, first on south London pirates then Rinse FM and now Kiss 100, went from strength to strength. His headline slots at Forward>> forged the genre into the form we now know it in. This was in no small part because he had exclusive access to Benga and Skream’s music, before adding three new producers: Mala Digital Mystikz, Coki and Loefah to his arsenal. The destiny of an entire scene lay in his hands, every time he played.

In 2003 he even played a part in naming the genre. Amidst the scene’s key players: the Big Apple camp and Ammunition who ran Forward>> and Tempa, the term “dubstep” (from dubby 2step garage), began being circulated. It appeared in a press release and then on a US magazine cover. Hatcha was then asked to mix the scene’s first compilation that cemented the use of the name: Dubstep Allstars vol 1. He must have done something right: they asked him back to co-mix volume 4.

Since those times Hatcha has gone on to hold down his flagship Kiss 100 show alongside long time MC, Crazy D, DJ across the planet, co-produce with a variety of the scene’s heavyweights and mix compilations such as Ten Tons Heavy for Planet Mu & the UK charting 100% Pure Dubstep. Catch DJ Hatcha under a weighty system near you sometime soon.

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