• Date:Friday, May 17, 2013
  • Venue:Oberon
  • Address:2 Arrow St, Cambridge, MA 02138
  • Age:18+
  • Artists: Acoustica Electronica, The Wig
    Promoters: Acoustica Electronica, Together Festival, Touch Performance Art
  • Time:10:00 pm

In association with Together Festival.

“Its like Cirque du Soleil meets a rave but a better description would be totally unbelievable. This was the COOLEST blend of theatre, all types of music, dance, opera and creation of an atmosphere in a space that I have ever seen.” – DigBoston AcousticaElectronica is a mind-blowing event that blends elements of electronic and classical music, dance, circus arts and immersive theatre with the infectious energy of the contemporary nightclub. Leaders in these industries have teamed up to create an extraordinary, next-generation experience. This ultimate dance party becomes an immersive event for the audience. Dancers, symphonies, aerialists, operas, and live musicians all happen around every inch of the space to keep the audience guessing at every turn. AcousticaElectronica sends the audience on a tantalizing voyage filled with sensual and emotional discoveries. A place full of secrets and surprises, rewarding the curiosity of those willing to lose themselves in a night of dream, abandon, and ecstasy… Do you dare enter? Note: Participants are encouraged to dress theatrically.

Acoustic Electronica

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