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EDMC RADIO: Kidd Drunkadelic // Lifted Contingency [Boston, MA]

March 3rd, 2014


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Dustin Labbe, aka Kidd Drunkadelic, is a Boston-based DJ committed to providing the newest and freshest in underground music, ranging from tech house to grime to UK bass to Jersey club to hip-hop and beyond. As co-founder of the newly formed artist collective, Lifted Contingency, and active participant in the local community, Labbe strives to enhance the subterranean music scene in Boston, playing numerous clubs/events and collaborating with some of the most talented artists and promoters in the city. Kidd Drunkadelic does not believe in sectioning himself into one genre or group, but rather continues to embrace and learn from the many different crowds and sounds.




I always laugh when people ask what I’m listening to lately because I’m truly all over the place and can’t always explain how I got to this point. I try to stay as underground as possible; finding people whose music is unbelievable yet whose following is so small, is one of my favorite things to do on the daily.

It’s not so much the elitist DJ attitude of “I have this song before anyone else” that attracts me, but more so the idea of playing brand new music for people to discover.

In a lot of ways, getting the name of a once unknown producer out & into to the ears of heady music listeners, is the name of the game. This is how scenes and sounds build – by supporting those around us both locally and globally, we all grow.



With all that said, I’ve really been feeling UK bass lately, along with grime. The homie Swelta turned me onto that true grime tip and I’ve been addicted ever since. Loving most everything off of Butterz, also this dope group called Cream Collective out in the UK, they have a serious roster of artists. As far as bassy vibes, TUBA and Tempa have been feeding my needs.

But we have some serious skill right here in our back yard that most people don’t even realize, crews like HNDMD Records, Zone Def Collective, Strange Prophecy, Osiris. Shit is bananas.

Some of these people are just too underrated; I say it all the time, but Ali Berger should be the spotlight in Boston – people should not sleep on this dude. All of this is what I thrive on, getting ‘dubs’ from homies of tracks that have hardly seen the light of day & then playing them that night out at a club. This is how you should find new music: trust your DJ’s more.



In regards to this mix, I wanted to play some sounds that people might not have expected, but at the same time a range of stuff people would easily recognize mixed into other stuff they’ll have no idea where to find. I call those well-known songs ‘hooks’ because I feel like when you mix a well-known track into a lesser known one, and do it decently, people stay locked in.

That’s the best part of playing out for me, when people come and trainspot or ask what song is playing, because the look of excitement on their faces. Crazy to think sounds can do that people. Guess that’s why we’re all here loving it night in and night out: the music.


/////////// TRACKLIST

Andru – You Are
AxH – Bop 140
Clearlight – Zion Riddim
Ceezlin & Wizard – Hit The Wave
Moskra – Obsidian (feat. Khan Kurra)
Ruff Draft – Wind & Pigeons
Umeone – Archaic Revival
Grizzly – Break Me Off
Mosca – Bax (Spooky’s Refix)
Kaytranada & Sango – Down4U
Subreachers – Annular
Doctor Jeep – Aztec
Noithingness – BMRAL
Tone Ra – Sniped
Spotovsky vs. Ragga Twins – Green Submarine
2 Chainz – No Lie (feat. Drake)
BRRIO & Micetro – Physics
Lockah – Now U Wanna (Offshore Remix)
123MRK – Pleasure (M.Constant Remix)
Tone Ra – Faelsangen (Remix)
Flat Sprite – Ender


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